A Falling Girl ~ Nov 2015

In our pursuits

We rose up 

to catch the sky 

We touched the clouds 

and saw the light

We were true to 

Our hearts

We defended 

Our minds

We were gentle with 

Our touch

We were rough with 

Our souls 

You saw her eyes 

They cried herself

To the brink of


To the edge of


She sang out loud

With all her heart

Enough to open 

up her soul 

Drew all her cards 

Lay it down right 

And still she has to 

Weigh her gold

She kept falling

But she kept hanging on

Her hands are torn

Of rope burns more

She sleeps and sleeps

But still it hurts

For the longest ride 

And the tiresome sore

She looked up

And  said “no more..”

” The most beautiful of our hearts came from the darkest parts.” -LM 

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