I’m App-Cited


image via feeldesain.com and Felt

I’m truly app-cited about this two-year old app I happened to bump into whilst article-surfing on the internet. If you’re into hand written personalised cards but don’t have the time to go to the store, buy a card, go to the post office, get a stamp and mail it, then the Felt app is for you. Personalised hand written cards you buy from an app for smart devices and guess what? They’ll mail it for you too.

CEO and Founder of Felt, Tomer Alpert came up with the brilliant idea after walking down to the store and mailing a card and thought to himself about how to make this errand easier. He now resides in Telluride,Colorado 9.700ft above sea-level and living a life he loves.

Want to send a thank you card to your Bridesmaids? A get well card? Grandma loves receiving letters from you? Go to Felt and find out more.


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