Will traveling help you heal from a Heartbreak? 

In the millions of heartaches that I’ve experienced myself, traveling solo will do only ONE thing. 

It will make you LEARN. 

I have met one or two persons that have traveled to mend a broken heart. And recently, a friend had asked me personally, “How to heal from a broken Heart?” . He had decided to travel in order to heal. 

I told him otherwise. Travel, is the path you take to understand Yourself. Not to forget an unrequited love.

Once you understand Yourself, you will be able to fully comprehend, why certain things keep happening to you? Maybe the same patterns keep recurring, like disappointments or heartaches or mismatches…etc.

To get over a Heartache is not through traveling. 

It is in the Acceptance that Mankind should ultimately love Him first and surrender the decision on who is the best for us, to Him. “Jodoh itu Rahsia Tuhan” (Your Soulmate is God’s Secret). 

It may seem like you aren’t living a fulfilling and fair life to yourself because you’d like to be in love with the person that you WANT versus a person that you NEED. 

I know…it’s tough to find solace in such “sad” circumstance, it’s hard even for me to say it. But once you UNDERSTAND who you are and know your Purpose, LOVE will be given to you automatically and it’ll be given in abundance, that you’ll be spoiled for choice. It may even cause you confusion, cos there are so many suitors to choose from. 

Know who You are first. Your reason and purpose on this Earth. Then the person gifted to you, will come. And most times, you won’t fall in love or be in love with them…BUT you definitely learn how to love them through time or see love in them eventually, and they will possess almost all the criteria that fits your own character. The perfect match of two dualities. A match that no human hand is able to craft. 

I can say this because I’ve lived through it. 

Traveling solo is the door to a journey of Understanding Self. Every travelers experience will be different. Because it depends on what The Al-Mighty, wants you to see/experience. 

But because you seek something , whether it’s love or peace or calmness, the Seeker will be given Knowledge. What that Knowledge may be, is different for everyone. 

You will meet a person or persons that will be the ones that give you the answers to questions that you don’t know you actually have …. your awareness level will be heightened. 

So does traveling help you heal ? No. Traveling, helps you understand.

To get over Heartache…is only one way. 

Be friends with Time.


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