Who Needs A Staycay!!!

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1. Tiong Bahru has got lots of nice quaint cafes. A cafe hopping experience and some unique artful shops will definitely gain your fancy.

Being dominantly a Chinese community, you’ll be spoiled for choice at Tiong Bahru Market on a nice Sunday morning.

They are also lots of boutique hotels and tons of Airbnb apartments that provide areas of amenities that is more than enough for you to enjoy your stay.


2. Walking tours in Singapore. Now there are those that are free which you can find out from hotels (just walk into any hotel and ask the concierge) or take the walking tours that you have to pay for.


This link is the most updated website I could find on some free walking trails. The kind policy is to tip your guide, of course. Read on and find a walk that best suits you.


Another website is Singapore & Beyond. I’m not too sure if it’s updated content so do drop them an e-mail if you’d like to book a tour. It’s in the link given.

WalkingTrailsSingapore at visitsingapore.com

This site gives you a wide selection of choices of neighbourhoods to explore. You can do this on your own. Just download a map of the neighbourhood or have it in hand for you to enjoy every hidden corner of our beautiful Singapore.

3. One place to stay nearer to the central areas like Dhobyghaut and Prinsep St, is Hangout@Mt Emily on Mount Emily Road. It is a no frills hotel that has bunks big enough for 6-8 friends, a small family of 4 or a queen size bed for one or two. Comfy and clean.

They have a nice activities room on the first floor, they play movies in the “living room space” (communal space) in some evenings which is nice to relax in if there’s no families running around.

There’s a roof top relaxing area too that overlooks the park below. From my experience, it’s usually quiet in this hotel. Some rooms that are communal have shared bathrooms and shared laundry rooms on certain floors. One bedders have their own bathroom but there is no Tv or mini bar. It’s no frills totally.

image via : budgethostels.sg and travellettes.net

Day: A day out in Singapore, you could take a walking tour of your own through Chinatown.

Start walking from Tong Heng Pastries (pic below) all the way up to Ann Siang Hill Park. A nice quiet area that leads you all the way down to Amoy St and Cross St. Walk through the neighbourhoods and enjoy some old school Singapore atmosphere.

Night: Ann Siang Hill has interesting cafes, bars and restaurants. Ann Siang hill, Erskine road and Duxton Hill has tons of night life. These areas are also known for the gay communities to gather and socialise.

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image via : Google Maps


4. If you’re interested in the Arab quarters, which is the Arab St area, you could explore “Dinner in the Dark” just for a fun night out.
On weekends, Haji Lane and the Bussorah St areas have their roads closed for street bazaars, food markets and block parties. If you want to chill and not get rowdy, “Going Ohm” on Haji Lane has a nice earthly and meditative atmosphere. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see two magnificent looking dogs that the two owners sometimes bring out on the street.
“I AM Cafe”  @ Haji Lane is a must visit after a long day of walking or do try “Working Title” too, these are burger joints that have amazing shakes. So much to do on a weekend in the Arab quarters.

image via: withloveyuting.blogspot.sg

On certain months, Aliwal Arts Centre has a Night Crawl, a walkabout around town that showcases art, music and food. There are a lot of free activities during these Crawls.


image via: aliwalartscentre

4. The National Design Centre (Bugis area) is a nice place to hang out too. They showcase local budding artists and sell their products to the public, like fashion and books. This is the Kapok store.


image via: rockthetrend.com

5. The old Illuma Mall or presently known as Bugis+(plus) has Filmgarde, a nice cinema that makes you feel like you’re buying movie tickets in downtown LA’s Arclight Cinema. It’s not that big but it’s a nice change of air than the usual GV or Cathay. They even have a small roof top park, if I’m not wrong.


image via: the Vulcan Post

Here’s a movie ticket purchase cheat sheet by the Vulcan Post on Singapore’s Cinemas .

6. The National Library (which is across the street from Bugis+) has activities too. Check out their website for details. At level 5, there’s a study lounge that you can sit and read a book (there are food and drinks vending machines inside) and enjoy a day to yourself. Just outside the lounge, there is a quiet sheltered sky garden that overlooks the Intercontinental Hotel at Bugis Junction.

image via: researchgate.net and goodyfeed.com

7. The F1 is in town, check out what activities or happenings they have at Fort Canning Park. I’m sure there’s something. Hehe.

8. Go to the National Gallery of Singapore. Look at what’s worth to queue for. Most exhibits are really a good deal to see. And there’s a restaurant/bar at the terrace upstairs, overlooking the Padang. Lovely for night views. Call them to ask if the roads at the NGS are affected by the F1 event (this is for any year that the F1 is in town, in September), the Gallery is situated nicely above the tracks.


image via: asiabars.com

9. Since you’re already in City Hall, Muji’s biggest store is there !!! Go Japanese and have a dessert after shopping inside. Shop and eat, what more can you ask for.


image via: sg.asia-city.com

10. Visit the Central Fire Department which is also at City Hall, it’s an old Fire House that hosts vintage Firemen memorabilia.


image via: goingplacessingapore.sg

Do visit the SCDF website for details.


image via: airbnb

11. East Coast has an Airbnb that hosts Glamping. You should check it out on airbnb.com.sg (but look at the weather schedule too) for those extremely hot Aug- Sep summers and monsoon Novembers, I suggest not. Bring and use waterproof and light clothing to prepare for adverse change in weather. It is romantic though.

12. Punggol/ Pasir Ris has Coney Island, a warm walk inside from Pasir Ris side will get you to the other side of the walking trail at Punggol. The Punggol side has bicycle, roller blades and buggy rentals AND there’s a ranch if you’d like to ride a horse :). There’s a bus stop on the Punggol side (bus 84 from Punggol Interchange- 6 stops and drop after the bus u-turns) but from the Pasir Ris side you’ve got to get a cab to get to the Coney Island entrance.

image via : 99.co , expedia.com.sg and 55555sg.wordpress.com

Coney Island is a confined walking trail within a gated area. It usually closes at 7pm.

There are a lot of awesome places like neighbourhoods and local eateries you are yet to explore. Singapore is a tiny island but it’s an island that I really do love to explore and I’m still not done exploring.

If you have any ideas about what a good staycay is in Singapore, do write in to me at sendlove.leoni@gmail.com and I might just put up your writing to post.

Enjoy your staycay everybahhdeyyy!!!


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