What is Your Happiness Entitlement?

Everyone wants to be Happy. Who doesn’t? We want a good job that pays well, we want to be wanted , we want to succeed at work, we want to have good relationships, we want to be loved and we want to be popular only because we want to achieve a sort of nirvana level of Happiness that we expect after putting that much effort into what we do.

But why do some of us end up disappointed and unhappy even after putting all that we can? We felt cheated, lied to and not compensated for the work that we put in, whether it’s in relationships, at school, at the office or at Life itself. We kept meeting one disappointment after another, another failure, another downfall. So when are we able to reach that point of “nirvana” , when does it happen for me?

The answer is quite simply, these three knowns,
“Acknowledge Your Efforts, Take a 360 view and Roll with The Punches”.

  1. Acknowledge Your Efforts

    Every individual want to be acknowledged for what they have done. It gives us a sense of belonging and recognition. But who is the person that gives you that acknowledgement and recognition ? It usually is an outside influence, isn’t it? We expect it from our parents, our lover, our friends and our bosses just to name a few. But have we forgotten the most important person ? Our SELF. Value and be proud with yourself first and fore mostly, and then once you’ve grasp that you are satisfied with the work that you put out, that you are happy with the sincerity in your actions and deeds then the battle is half won already. You know you did it to the best of your ability and you made that fair share of contribution to the table, there really isn’t any thing that should stop you from being Happy and content with the work that you’ve done. It was knowing that you’ve done your best and you should let whatever that could possibly happen, happen and no one has the power to take away that gratified feeling you have. The sense of completeness and achievement should reside in YOU most importantly.

  2. Take a 360 View 

    Let’s take a step back, by all means take ten steps back to sit outside of the situation that makes you miserable and unhappy and dissatisfied. Look. Like really look at it in details.

    A) Was my actions the best that I could accomplish? If it was, then relax because the results will most probably be in your favor.

    B) What did my actions lead to? Did it achieve the outcome that I was striving for? If it led to a mistake, accept the flaw, apologise if you need to and forgive yourself. If it didn’t lead to the outcome you were striving for, then here’s where you go to Plan B and C of your Life.

    C) Can I move on from this or is there anything to make it better? So you’ve gone to the point of “I had just about enough of this b%$” , you’ve done your best, there was a lot of work done but “outside factors” like whoever that was mentioned above, played a negative role that caused whatever situation it was to get a negative outcome. Be it relationships, work ethics or even at school. You can manage and control yourself in the success process but you can not manage and control others in the success that they wish to bring to the table. So what do you do? You have to recognise if this is the point of “enough is enough” and when you do recognise it, you have to act upon it. Decide for your self what needs to happen next. Do you quit your job? Do you end the relationship? Do you take it all in and ignore it altogether ? Or do you draft out a next plan of action and be at peace with it.

  3. Roll with The Punches

    Every success comes with a $h%t sandwich. No one can achieve a level of Happiness unless they are aware of what comes along with that level of Happiness.

    For example, for you to get the promotion, hours of slogging in front of the screen needs to be done before that promotion sets in. For you to be sincerely loved by a significant other, you have to go through a few years of physical loneliness and spiritual drought to fully comprehend and accept the value of self-love. For you to see the profits of a business, hours of time consuming efforts have to be made. For your friends to show you how much they love you, you have to be able to understand that everyone shows love differently and not all that you value is what others value so you will be disappointed to a certain aspect until the Universe by the power of the Al-Mighty work to your benefit, in letting you meet, like-minded individuals with similar values.

    Recognise what the $h%t sandwich is and “Roll with the Punches” to get there. If this is as much endurance level you have to upkeep and you’re okay with it, then Keep Calm and Carry On, you’re aboard that ship and you’re ready for what the wide open sea has to give ya.

    You know what they say, “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor” but if sailing isn’t your cup of tea, then it’s about time you get outta there papa bear.


Remember that all people want to be Happy or achieve a certain level of Happiness, and though it’s a scary thought and some times it may seem like an impossible feat, it is achievable, it can be done and it must be done for you to fully experience a wholesome outlook on Life. There isn’t a measurement of the level of Happiness you deserve to obtain. It’s intangible, it’s unimaginable and uncountable like grains of sand.

Change your perspectives on how you view certain things that kept not working out. The Happiness has to come from the internal to external, not external to internal (unless a pair of Manolo Blahniks makes you happy, Haha, I can’t argue with that).


So I wouldn’t say that it is your entitlement to be Happy, I’d say it’s simply your birth right.

Live well. Breathe easy.

Happy Midweek Bambinos! 


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