The Magic In Humans

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Here I am Facing the Universe 

And Commanding the laws

The states of consciousness 

The quantum physics of realities 

Making a statement that demands 

Universal attention that spans across borders 

Across boundaries and transcends time and space 
I will not live like this. 

I will not allow history to repeat an endless looping of old scripts 

Old mentalities 

Old issues 

Old stories disguised as new ones 

I will not sabotage my very own existence to please other beings, to conform and “fit in” with the norm. 

To drive myself to insanity with the stubbornness of the Blind and the Asleep.

We do not love like the Humans 

But we are gifted as them

And we are born in their form 

And we live amongst them

So we must make the best of our time 

To educate

What is so taken for granted 

To participate 

In what they felt is not important 
I sometimes wonder 

Is this the life of an Indigo?

Will we always be alone in this World

Is our existence only as Guardians ?
Will we drive ourselves to extinction? 
But there is still Magic

Magic in Humans 

And what seems mystical was never as it seems 

It was what was gifted 

It is a skill 

Enhanced through years of practice and studying laws of Science, Biology, Botany, Ethology, Philosophy, Theology, History and Astronomy 

Do you feel there is still Magic in Humans?

When actually it wasn’t Magic at all.
It was all states of Consciousness, Enhanced. 

I will not live like this. 

I will not allow the stubbornness of understanding and to be understood stand in the way of 

Achieving Happiness and Enhancing Love. 

There is still Magic in Humans. I believe there is. 

But it’s hard to see past people who refuse to take advice or learn from the obvious 

We just have to look past our egos and find a common ground to Understand and Love each other. 

It’s that simple. If only they knew,

there IS Magic in Humans.


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