The Light Keeper’s Guide to the Universe – For those who always face difficult times in Life

This is the answer to why you face the turmoils or tragedies that you face? The answer to all your questions to why this and that happens to you or why were you put in a situation or why a certain circumstance repeats itself in your history books. 

The answer is simple: 
You need to understand the “Message”. 
Expand your mind and jolt your consciousness to truly understand that whatever you are facing or had to face was all a message, either it was a new one or a repeated one because you didn’t “get” it the millionth time it was brought to you. 

You must understand that your Life, your human Life is not to be wasted away solely by empty selfish activities just to excite and please your own being. 
The purpose is greater than you. And when you come to the point of understanding the “Teacher” , you will start to make sense of everything that is happening to you and around you. 

It is not to solely accept without reason. The acceptance comes when you have made peace with the message sent. Do not defy the message, understand it at your own time and pace. Not all of us were meant to understand everything in a short period of time…. 

You have your time and He has His time, if you’ve not realized the wisdom in your circumstance then He will continue to pave your way a certain path so that you WILL reach the point of understanding. This simply is called maturity. It is your soul’s maturity. 

Why do you think certain tragedies happen to some and to others the atrocities are more in depth and horrid….? 

It’s not to say that you can’t take it, some others are stronger than you to face greater tragedies , the soldiers of this Earth are tested in their Faith, over and over again. 

Some fail and they lose their lives to suicide and depression and some of us excel and become teachers for the seekers. But as teachers , we can not issue you your wisdom. It has to happen at the time your soul is mature enough to accept the things that you have learned. 

To know what to do is easy. But doing what you know , is the greater task. 

And for the love of your being…and the greater purpose of Life, you have to endeavor to pass your infant stage so that Humanity will finally learn about many lessons. 

On how to love unconditionally.
On how to understand that NOTHING, absolutely nothing belongs to you.

On how Wisdom doesn’t come in an instant microwave minute.

On how acceptance can be a selfless act

On how little you truly need to survive and that luxuries will imprison you when you make it a habit. 

On how your issues are not “dead ends”

On how your careless acts can destroy a nation 

On how your ignorance and negligence can educate the younger generation to be oblivious to consequence. 

Whatever you do be sincere and do it with all your might, all you can, even when you know there is hurt ahead. Do not defeat yourself before you even try. Do not be afraid. To be fearful is to be trapped in an endless cycle of pain. 

Who can ever say they are prepared. Nobody. But that’s the beauty of it….. We are tested every single day, every single hurt and downfall , merely to test our Faith (Iman). To see how we manage these adversities. And if you can push yourself through this, you have unlocked another level of achievement, and to me , THIS sort of achievement is the one that Matters. Not money, or promotions or material success. 

Frankly, this is the Only thing that truly matters when we return…. 
We were born a lone soul and we will die as one too. 

It is our deeds and our journeys that shine or shadow our Books. 
Let there be Light. It’s beautiful on the other side…. 


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