The Girl Who Didn’t Get Born

Since she was small, Elsie used to say 

“Happy Birthday James” 

“Happy Birthday Claire” 

“Happy Birthday Dan”

And fairies here and there 
As she grew older, 

Elsie played some tricks 

She surprised James 

She surprised Claire 

She surprised Dan 

And fairies here and there 
Now Elsie was big

She was 11

The World had forgotten 

Loving and wishing 

And Elsie was sad 

and sad was tradition 
One day, Elsie grew brave 

She sort out the wizard 

who lived in a cave

She climbed and she limped 

She swam and she crawled 

She reached the old cave 

somewhere in Fall.
The Wizard said “Stop. Who goes there ? 

I smell lavenders in your hair.”

“Are you a girl or a naughty little hare, who came from the forest of Golden Chairs?”

“It is I, Elsie Sinclair

I came here to ask, a wish from this lair.”

“Speak now then, or forever hold your tongue, have you brought me a payment 

for this one?”
” Yes Wizard yes. I give you this stone. 

It came from the Moon, the gems of a throne.”

“Hmm, what is your wish ? 

Speak now, time is of essence”
“I wish for you to eliminate 

my Presence.”

The Wizard was confused 
“You could jump off a cliff, 

it will kill all your blues.

It’ll be quite swift.”
“No Wizard no. They will remember my death, they’ll cry for years on. I shan’t 
burden them.”

“If I did not exist, they wouldn’t be so torn. I, would not matter. 

Cos my Life is unborn”

“Why do you ask this, child? It is strange 

a request.”

“No one cares enough. A life full of Less.

A burden so harsh, this I confess.”
As the Wizard waved
His wand in the air

He conjured a spell 

For Elsie Sinclair 

Her hands used to touch

And showed Love so much

She used to embrace them

With hellos and hugs
Her legs used to run
Her giggles in the air 

Her smile could end wars

This Elsie Sinclair 

Her hair was the scent

Of lavender fields

Her skin was as soft 

As nourishing peels
Her heart was the one 

That could love the whole 


The Wizard saw through 
this sad little girl 

She cared and loved 
But no one did so

He then saw her body 

Illuminate such Glow

Her eyes were the ones

That looked at her Love 

With such gentle sweetness 

A gift from above 
Slowly and slowly 

Her breath had a shortness 

Elsie then disappeared 

Right Into the Darkness.

The End 


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