The Flower and the Concrete Slab

You face many adversities, you’ve been misunderstood, and some of them have misperceptions about you because of whatever reasons, your trials and tribulations kept coming and coming like a river flow that never ends. The rain kept pouring down, washing away your spirit, your beliefs and at some point you thought you were going crazy out of your mind, you felt alone and in total despair. 

YOU are a seed in the crevices of a concrete slab. No matter what conditions you endured, what changes your environment pressured onto you, that rain kept watering you, that sun kept shining on you like a glare….and in the end, you grew so much, learned so much that eventually a seedling emerged through the dirt ~ growing up and out into the sky. 

By all means, if you had a choice or had to be grateful for something, be grateful that You were given the opportunity to Grow. -LM 
Image by Laura Supnik. 

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