The Difference Between Constructive and Abusive Criticism 

Negativity. It’s everywhere, in every form, creed, color , race , age, kind and style. It lives in many stories and events and come out as either a life changing experience or a life long traumatic memory. It plays small roles and sometimes are the star of the night. 

So how can we differentiate between abusive criticism from a constructive one? 


Constructive Criticism (Good/Positive)

1) Anyone that provides you information or tips on improving yourself as a person, is constructive.

2) Any person that helps to develop your skills, in a way of coaching, mentoring or counseling, is constructive.

3) Anyone who scolds you to a point of making you realise that your bad habits need to change, is constructive criticism.

4) Anyone who bothers to build you into a better human being and spends time on moulding you by weeding out your bad ways, is constructive criticism.

Who are usually the people who would give you these criticisms? Yes. You know them very well. Your elders, your peers, your Best Friend, your spouse, your loved ones, your older siblings, a teacher, some friends, a wise acquaintance or neighbor, relatives, your bosses, supervisors and most importantly your Parents. 

The latter is also true about abusive criticism. They are also the same group of people that will give you negative criticism. 

Abusive Criticism (Bad/Negative) 

1) A person who uses harshness in words or physical actions to make you feel less of your self and demean you. That’s abusive.

2) A person whose aim is to belittle and demoralize you to a point of self hate/self loathing. That’s abusive. 

3) A person who gives “jealousy” type of comments or a “hater” perspective to the things you do. That’s negative.

4) A person who says something to discourage you from doing something that improves you, that’s negative. 

And as I said above, they are the same group of people who will make you feel bad about yourself and underachieving. 

So listen out for the differences and be aware of who you keep close as friends or loved ones. It’ll become a poisonous relationship and that could be the cause of many negative and horrible things in the future. 

Stay Woke! 

Love yourself. Be a better You. For a better World.


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