The Captain’s Calling

It really doesn’t folks. It may rain and rain and rain on ya but when that rainbow peaks out, it’ll be worth it. Take it from me. Patience is indeed a freaking virtue haha. 

I’ve had maybe 12-15 years worth of storms or maybe even more and still am going through one now but hey, this too shall pass and it scrubs at ya and it grinds you into smithereens and it feels like sand paper, polishing you day in and day out. But let me tell you here, that is NOT carved in stone, trauma and pain IS not the boss of you and you can create a wind of change but you got to understand THIS.

 A true captain of a ship, has sailed into waves of storms, went overboard, maybe almost to the brink of drowning saving the ship and the crew, they had to figure out how to get through rocky valleys in treacherous waters, now for you to be a damn good Captain of YOUR ship, you gon experience a hell a lot of storms to know how to sail to that secluded paradise island. 

You will get through it cos you ain’t got no choice but to survive. 

Believe that. -LM 
Image by the Darling Bakers

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