The 3 Voices of Reason 


So I’m starting to adjust to new habits the last couple of months and boy has it been a journey. It wasn’t really the “new year’s resolution” kinda thing, it was more like my mind and body knew it was time to make a change in my life and here I was, taking the baby steps without even knowing it. 

I started on a few things and being the worst offender for procrastinating and inconsistency, I am experimenting on myself on how this journey is going to go. 

Let’s hope it goes my way. 

When it comes to “bettering” one’s self, it never, well to me at least, occurred that I had to jot it down and put it up on a wall somewhere to remind me that I needed to better myself in what way and in what duration of time I had to do it in. 

Subconsciously, I just decided, “yeaaah I think I’ll do it why not?” And then I just did it. 

Now let’s talk about success. What is it? What does it look like? 

No, I’m not an expert on what success is but I can help you recognize success in different forms, if you didn’t know. 

Frankly, anything small or big is indeed a success. You weren’t late for work right ? Voila! Success right there. Here’s to recognizing success in its tiny little forms. We can achieve it if we wanted to. Couldn’t we ?

But we always fall back on our procrastinating selves and just never got around doing it. Here’s the 3 voices of reason on why you should just do it .

  1. Give yourself some credit by acknowledging small achievements.

You may think that, finishing that book you’ve been reading for donkey years is not an achievement but honey, it is. And you should give yourself a little credit for it. Managing to go to the gym 6 times a week when you have never done a day of training in your life, is a freaking achievement even if you stop exercising the following week and then you gave up and maybe “rested” from it for a while. Hey, you did it right ? So? Isn’t that an awesome enough reason to celebrate? 

Why should you give yourself some credit? Because small achievements lead to bigger ones, believe me, I don’t need to be on Oprah for me to know that (she’s Awesome by the way). 

        2. Success doesn’t need you to be 20

Now unless you were planning to become the next top model and you’re currently 80yrs old, then that’s a plan that should’ve changed and evolved when you were in your twenties, or even if you always wanted to be an astronaut since a child and now you’re 50, like 30 years too late, right? Technically. 

Besides “goals and dreams” like that that do require you to be of a certain age and be at a peak of fitness to even be accepted into that industry, you can tweak and reset your dreams and goals, you know. 

People always have this backward mentality that everything they’ve always wanted as a child should remain the same or what they “shoutout” as a promise and a challenge to their friends and family during that time that they decided they’d want to become a doctor by this time and this way, is carved in stone. 

No, it’s not carved in stone. Your future isn’t, your dreams aren’t and neither is your fate. We change and evolve all the time in our thought process and experience. So you’re what? Get that University Degree now if you can afford it and if you’re good with time management on juggling family and work, why not? It pays off if you have a supportive partner or spouse. It’ll make things much easier for a Life that both of you can love to live together.

You want to own that business and you feel that 60 is a tad too ambitious of an age for you to begin anything..? Well honey, have you got the strength ? Have you got the capital ? You’ve got a support team ? Are you determined enough to make it happen ? Then why not? What in God’s name are you waiting for ? Wake up and smell Life. 

You can’t be a ballerina, boo hoo too bad. Can you open a ballet school? Hell yes. You don’t have the energy to run a hotel at this age, so? Turn one of the rooms in your home to an Air BnB rest and relax pad. Boom! Problem solved, dream accomplished. Check that off your bucket list. 

All I can hear you and your “buddies” say is no. Do you have any friends who can say yes? Positive people with young hearts and working minds? If you don’t, then it’s time to socialize and get to know some. They are out there and their arms are wide open to making friends like you. Rich abundant with life, kind of people. 

Why doesn’t success need you to be 20? 

Because it comes in different forms and different timings. Trust in God’s timing and work hard for yourself and it’s a done deal.

        3. Do it Now! 
I am so guilty of this sometimes. Writing your goals down and looking at it won’t do it justice. You have to get off your ass and make this $h!t happen by hook or by crook. Always wanted to do that scrapbooking of your high school pictures and never got around doing it ? Well, go now. Take out that box of pictures. I’m sure you have a whole box of glitter glue and scotch tape and stationery goodies just laying around waiting for it to be used. Like finally. 

Exercise ? Yeah I know right. I’m struggling with it too. Who isn’t babe ? Even motivational speakers have an issue with that sometimes. Come on, we’re human. Cut yourself some slack why don’t you. It’s ok. I don’t exercise religiously either. I’ll be lucky to have 30mins a day to spare and then when I do, it’s inconsistent that I’ll have to start all over again. The feeling sucks but it ain’t stopping me. 

Here’s a tip, to maybe get you started somewhere. Do this in the comfort of your home or hotel room, go to  7 minutes and do this set of workouts. So far my body did not auto vomit on me so I’m good. 

Don’t say you don’t have 7 minutes. You could play candy crush and surf Facebook for two hours no problem so I’m sure you can do this. 

All you have to do is manage your time. 

Why do you need to do it NOW? 

Because there’s a reason why the Universe led you to read this article and make it through the end. Time is of the essence. 

Don’t prioritize your schedule but schedule your priorities. – Marie Forleo  

So the end of the work week is here and we’re all too eager to spend a weekend wandering aimless into the abyss of our “paradise“. Come Sunday, you need to prep for a good start of the week. 

Monday, you’ll be ready and steady to take this Life to the next step if you’ve been asleep all this while. I’m no expert but I have lived through it and still am actually, so this is all based on my own account. Maybe yours is different, who knows? 

Go do the stuff that you’ve always wanted to do, now. Yup, yes I’m talking to you. You’re reading this aren’t you ? Well, I gues you were interested enough to find out (wink wink)  Thank you for making it through the article (curtsies). 

So do some good for yourself. You do deserve a life you just love to wake up to. Trust me. 

Thank you God it’s finally Friday, huh. Phew !

Here comes the Weekend ! 

Yours truly, 


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