Stand Like a Rock Like Standing Rock

The Dakota pipelines (#nodapl) has been one of Earth’s and its peoples greatest wars this past two years or so. A Great Big congratulations to our brothers, sisters and relatives of distant lands for this epic win where POTUS has finally decided to honor the treaty (follow #markruffalo on IG). A GREAT HUGE THANKS to all those who have helped pass around the petition and led the campaigns in your own circles and communities all around the Globe.  Also a BIG UNIVERSAL THANK YOU  to the tribes/ cousins in New Zealand, the Maoris for showing support from across the World to stop the Pipelines. When we don’t give up, we approach with Peace, good will prevail eventually.

Since we are in the mood for celebrating successes, lest not forget our relatives and Guardians of this Planet in Northern British Columbia who also faced a couple of years of struggle protecting the waters and lands of the Unist’o’ten people and its territories.

Canada’s most recent elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has last year, honored the treaties of First Nations People in an AFN (The Assembly of First Nations) meeting of Chiefs and Elders of the tribes.

The struggles of our relatives in distant lands should set as an example that with Peace and Persistence, we ARE capable of Victory! We ARE capable of a Justified result. No matter how long your struggle will take, no matter how much injustice you’ve faced, Good will prevail in some form or way. If not at the present, you will reap the benefits of your struggle at a later stage but it will come to you. Like how all actions have consequences and resolutions, the Al-Mighty Creator is organizing the Universe so that each being, each deed be it good or bad, is not left unattended, ignored or neglected.

I personally have experienced a similar struggle with aggressors in my life. Persons who have insulted me, my family and my way of life. Persons who have accused me for “crimes” I did not commit. Crimes that they committed but hide from the public eye even though I have the evidences in my hands.

They take advantage of the loopholes in the system to cause trouble, vandalize and steal my property. I’ve been locked out of my house and not allowed entry by my aggressors even though I was non violent and had every right to be there.

A non bias observer and outsider of the conflict was analyzing facts on both sides and trying to understand the issues both parties were facing and it shocked me when this person said to me, “What you are facing seems like the Israel Palestine Conflict , where you the “Palestinian” is droved out of your home by the Israelis.” I never looked at it in that way ever and I actually laughed out loud when this person pointed out the obvious, I said,” Yes. Now I do see a lot of similarities in the issue. ”

So just like how the previous leaders did not honor the treaties made in these Nations, in these countries, I also faced such moments where the court order was not honored or exercised. I understand what these Nations have gone through in the sense of struggle and personal strife.

It was a dark time I came out from and the sunshine I got now is worth every ounce of struggle I had gone through.

When your intent is just to exercise peace and enforce Justice, the laws of the Universe created by God Al-Mighty will make its way through the breathing pipes of humanity.

So let me tell you this, every time, approach with peace. Every time I approach with no violence. Every time, I place humanity in the forefront. Though they see me and loathe me, I approach with an extended hand in greeting. I smile to those relatives even though I sense hatred in their vibrations. And I’m also truly grateful to those relatives who have embraced me and welcomed me. Those who have risked reputation and relationship, in order to find out the Truth. I honor and respect those who remembered how I loved them. How I embraced them. I am blessed that strangers who have had their own personal experiences about these agressors have stood up for me, a total stranger to them. They owe me nothing, they don’t even know me and they have showed support and solidarity. They showed me what they factually know from the past and this present moment and have presented me with Truth that was beyond my belief. Things that the media was misinformed about or were hidden from. Thank you to you and you and you and the hundreds and thousands who have bore witness to injustice and did something about it.

You will always be in God’s good light God-willing. People are praying for those who face injustice, those who are in the frontlines, those who have struggled and are persistently fighting in spirit.

But I always approach with Peace. With Love. Non violence. And though I may lose material stuff, money and time, it doesn’t matter because in the end, I won the case overall. I won the fight overall. I won the struggle overall and it feels like you’ve won the wars of many countries and all the struggle and insults and injustice done to you…..polished you to be the diamond that you’re meant to be. It was all worth it. The more hatred you face and resistance that they showed, the more they bombard you with their keyboard warrior antics and cyber bullying behaviors, the more you get polished and polished and polished. Always begin with a gentle hand but always stand firm like a Rock.

And just what one of our most active #nodapl leaders, Mark Ruffalo states here in his IG post not too many days ago, whenever THEY  are violent by abusing you verbally or physically being non cooperative, THEY lose and YOU WIN. Every single time. Whenever they troll you on social media and check up on your activities, posts and articles-You Win and they LOSE, every single time. So don’t think of it as a negative. When people troll your feeds and activities, they are unconsciously contributing to your social traffic. So its a win win situation, if you sit down and analyze it logically.

[wpvideo iwkojSn4] Via Mark Ruffalo Official IG

Don’t give up. Act with Peace. If you don’t, you’ll be just as bad as your aggressors. You’ll be just as bad in character as the ones that have accused you and have wronged you. So elevate and emancipate your being. Truly God is on your side, the way of Light is the natural way, is the given path and is the way to every answer you’re looking for. Don’t give up. Your struggle though it’ll take some time, some days, weeks, months or years, it is temporary, it shall pass and YOU WILL OVERCOME IT without a single doubt. -LM

Be kind. Do Good. Be Sincere.

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Here’s what I talked about during my visit to #StandingRock last week. Our fellow Water Protectors should not be treated with violence. #NoDAPL


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