London Town

As I sit here in a quaint cafe in the gloomy lanes of London town, Back for Good is playing on the radio. The patrons are all sitting alone. It’s like LonersVille in here. But all of us are in our own zones. Tuning out from the hustle of town. Seems like the only ones who come in here are looking for an escape. An escape, away from the noise. 

A blonde haired grey eyed girl is sitting by the window, reading what seems quite interesting. I can’t see what she’s reading but her eyes make an expression at every turn of the page. The rain started pouring. 

People still fill the streets despite the downpour. Oh well, it’s London. This could be quite the norm. This would be monsoon where I come from. 

Well, the monsoon is almost over. And summer in the Equator is a killer. Days on end of scorching love from the Sun. 

The barista is sweeping. Each by inch, diligently cleaning the floors of brown sugar and eraser waste. A young lad sits across me. I think he’s building an app. He looks so engrossed. In the zone of creating. 

She sweeps by me again. An Eastern European girl, a brunette with beautiful eyes. She’s so hardworking. Even when there are only 3 of us in the whole cafe, she is constantly in motion. Prepping, cleaning and arranging. 

Aah the music is changing. It’s Leona Lewis, Bleeding Love. I’m so in love with this radio station. Flash back after flash back. Isn’t music just like scents ? You hear a song and a clip from your past flashes back, just like a familiar scent. Take That was a band I grew up with in my teens. Man, I used to love Gary Barlow. Didn’t everyone used to love Gary Barlow ? Haha. Gosh, ten years passed so swiftly. 

Alright, I’m going to savor this cappuccino of mine a little bit longer before I leave. It’s nightfall and it’s only 4.30 in the afternoon. 

The cold is not my friend. I best be getting back. Today was a good day. A good day indeed. 

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