Keyboard Warriors At Large 

Know of anyone who is busy writing trash on social media platforms ? Have you experienced a troll yourself ? What if the “keyboard warrior” is someone you know? How would you as a friend or family member guide them? 

A very good friend of mine Brother Faizal, is conducting a talk about the same topic at hand tonight 2nd of Aug 2016, at The An Nur Mosque at 7.45pm.

Trash talking knows no age, race, gender or religious background and it’s regardless of your education level too. Most keyboard warriors love hiding behind pseudo accounts and being all “anonymous” in their pursuits of verbal vomit .

But did you ever ask yourselves why? 

Why do they exist ? 

Is it their up bringing ? Their social circle of influences ? Or is it just their blatant disrespect for others and the World around them — hence, introducing their core character. 

It all boils down to three basic things.

  1. Your Attitude 
  2. Your Core Character
  3. Your Insecurities 

Take it as peeling off an onion, layer by layer. In this case, there are 3 layers.

Your Attitude (first layer)

You hear more people complaining about other people and criticizing destructively on a day to day basis. Some even make it a weekend event to trash talk. 

Hmm , who else can I show my insecurities to..? 

 Your attitude is a small reflection of who you are on the inside. Whether you do it “Live and In Person”  or via Online as a Keyboard warrior. 

When you start to live, eat and breathe trash, you’ll eventually prove yourself to be actual human “trash”. 

Which is a sad degeneration of the human brain and genes. 

Your Character (second layer)

Oops! Take some downtime to analyze your character traits. 
If it sounds more like hatred then maybe you suffer from Dementia. A very true and real poison. 

Your inner core character may develop as early as 2-4years old and it may change due to upbringing, influences, practices and habits. Even your occupation may influence you if you let it.

Naturally good hearted and sincere loving people will not have so much to say yet so little constructive content. Unless of course as I said, you suffer from dementia.

Empty vessels make the most noise 

– English proverb

You’ll only make yourself sound like a 5 year old– high on meth who is not looking forward to hitting puberty any time soon. 

Time to check in on your goodness meter. 

Remember ! Some day, someone will call you out on your bluff and what will happen then ? The worst could really happen to you and if you don’t want that , then be nice or use that gap for more constructive things. 

Like prayer and providence.

Your Insecurities (third layer) 

Let’s take it deep into the root of the problem. 

You. (or that someone you may know) 

I have seen so many online abusers on forums, social media platforms and personally experienced it myself. There are so many Trash whores out there, you wouldn’t even believe it. They come in all shapes and sizes and a multifaceted array of types. 

I personally feel that whatever they experienced growing up and what they learn or DID NOT learn as an adult shaped them to be the human monster of complicated mess that they are.

Who are they ? 

They are those that attempt to participate  (most of the time, anonymously) on  online feeds that usually contain massive traffic or a particular following of people.

They  voice out pointless and destructive points of view on any type of media platform, publicly criticizing the opinion/ thoughts of others or relayed information, with the intention of gaining fame or igniting hate towards the Host user or other users in the community. 

They lash out in opinions not to understand or educate but  to react selfishly due to a 

1) personal agenda, 2) having anger management issues or 3) they have not found anything else more constructive to do with their time.

They did not learn how to articulate their words with clarity , they relate everything they read to a personal level, they did not comprehend the article/ post, to a level of mature understanding and they respond usually without great thought put into it. 

I’d like to hear what you will do or what you have done to counter such public nuisances and why do you think such unbecoming behavior is so bravely conducted in the context of “behind the screen”. 

If you’re in Singapore and would like to know more, once again, my good friend Brother Faizal is conducting a talk later this evening. 

Let’s hear how and why it happens, how we can deal with this and other contributing factors. 

Let’s clean up the trash, shall we ?

– LM 

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