Introducing Leoni

In my early years, I took a fancy to paying attention to detail and that led me to observing and absorbing all that I knew. 

I grew up in a few neighborhoods throughout my life. The foundation of my education came from my late grandfather, who was a former R.I (Raffles Instituition) student in his years as a young lad. He made sure that he impart in me, the need to be curious and creative. To learn and have the want to discover and find out more. He taught me to read and write and to use the most important literary source in the house. The Oxford Dictionary. 

Though I must admit that years of educational neglect has led me to a decline in my vocabulary and grammar, that did not stop me from wanting to continue writing and performing poetry. 

It was tough as a teen. I learned the ropes of being a typical teenager in another household, my very own folks. There were many of us, so it was quite taxing for my mum to handle all of us single-handedly without my dad’s assistance. My dad, having to travel for his job, found it hard to meet up a schedule to be around as we were growing up. Hence, we only see him for most holidays and some school vacation months. 

I then moved to my aunt’s as a young adult . Learned how to be independent there, as I was a “foreign body” in a different bowl of soup. I moved out after being engaged to a “human being that I so don’t want to mention”, married him, went through emotional and verbal abuse during the marriage and then I made the tough but brave decision to leave him.

It was a tough fight. I mean which aggressor would admit to what they’ve done. Most unlikely. So I had to be put through a few years of paying off our debts alone, despite knowing his own “contributions” to the matter. A lot of my life had to be put off but a lot of life happened to me as well. 

There is not a day that I go without some sort of a challenge and for that I am blessed for all the types of experiences (though heart breaking and mind disturbing) that God has given me. 

Without all these trials and tribulations, I would have never gotten out of the “dumb phase” of keeping quiet under the rule of a bully, I wouldn’t have learned about trust and clear judgement, I wouldn’t have traveled and really experience the World, I wouldn’t have studied and gotten my Diploma and I wouldn’t have excelled in my present Life right now. 

All these life lessons, gave me the tools to learn how to;

A) Appreciate Life

B) Love Myself and Know Self Worth

C) Achieve a High Level of Happiness 

D) Receive Clarity of my Purpose

E) Helping others find the same 

All because I trusted God indefinitely and then I learned to trust Myself. 

Once I could recognize the difference of what good traits are and what I was manipulated into believing all those years of mental and emotional torture, I found a path. The way out of my misery. 

I empowered myself to know that I deserved to be happy and treated with love and respect. 

The day I put my foot down and said I had enough, was the best decision of my Life.

Now follow my journey, I’ll share with you how I coped with some hard decisions and how I personally found clarity and direction in my Life again. 

I’m no expert so please don’t quote me on being professional. Our life’s journey can be shared, and with sharing comes knowledge and helping others. 

Have a good read 🙂 May the Al-Mighty bless thee. 



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