Hey Big Spender

So this week’s favorite app of mine would be the “Spending Tracker” app (both on Google Play and the Apple App Store). 
Image: Google Play

All this while, I’ve been crediting money out without truly keeping track of my expenditure and because I’m not good in keeping my finances in check, I told myself it’s about time I do so. 

I need to change this bad habit and develop a more conscious way of spending. Knowing exactly where my money goes every month like the chart below. It shows you which part of your income you mainly spend on. 

Image: Amazon.com

This enables you to have a hassle free way of checking your balances. Everytime you spend on something or are debited an amount of money, you simply put it down as a transaction. It’s as simple as that.

Image: mhriley.com

It even has a 4 digit password if you want to enable a security code in order to save your balances as private so that other people won’t be able to access it if you happened to misplace or lose your phone or left it unattended. Another good take is, it doesn’t require the Internet! 

There’s also another popular app called Wally. I’ve not tried it out yet but I’ve taken a tour of it and I prefer the simpler way of organizing through Spending Tracker. The Wally App is a slightly more detailed way of organizing, maybe good for the finance fanatics, haha. 

Change the relationship with your money. Hope this helps! 

Yours truly,


Image: Wally.me

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