Feed Someone 

If you could help it and if there is time and opportunity and you could spare some money or food — try to feed someone. 

Not out of wanting a prayer in return. Not out of wanting to gain fame or affirmation , not because you want them to repay a future debt but just for the honest sincere act of giving. 

Sometimes it’s so hard to gauge which “homeless person” is truly for certain in need of help. 

My tip is simple. If you’re afraid that you’ll be conned (and I’m sure we have been victims of con men and women ) , then don’t give. GIVE, only if purely with all your heart, you are “okay” with giving despite that it may turn out to be a con artist trying to pull a fast one. 

If you’re Okay with it for whatever reason then GIVE without looking back. GIVE without regret. If you were unsure in the first place but decided to give anyway, then give and then leave the premise (to avoid discovering that it was a disappointment). 

Of course, having said this, if you aren’t able to give… haha then don’t, and don’t worry about people judging you when you turn down someone that’s asking you for donations . I know it feels awkward right? Man, have I been there, that awkward kinda feeling. Saying “No” or “No thank you it’s ok” to a stranger in need. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one facing this problem. 

Back to the whole point of what I initially brought up. Feed. 

Feeding someone is a form of charity that is immense and bountiful. The ripple effects of that one deed can spread and grow. 

Just like any act of love , kindness is an energy. And it’s an awesome and beautiful energy indeed. It’s so uplifting and satisfying that it gives you an instant gratification. 

If you’re afraid that your donated money will lead to the person buying booze and drugs then what you can easily do is provide for them. 

Provide them with food. Provide them with clothes. With a blanket you bought at the corner shop. Buy them a bottle of water. Buy bananas and apples or a meal. Heck, if you could buy them a one night stay at the homeless shelter or dormitory then do so. If you could buy them food coupons and give them a shave or a bath some how, do it. If you could, if it’s within your means, and time permits, commitments are in place and schedules don’t clash, you feel safe, you feel okay, you feel sincere with no regrets, then by all means Do It. 

Feed. Provide. Only for one person. Not even every day . Not even every week. Just One Deed, at Any Time, Any Place, Any Country, Any Race, Any State, if you could, Do it.  

If everyone did one deed for one homeless person or any person in need a year, if you just did this deed ONCE a year and  everyone played their part to feed just One, that would cover a lot of people. A lot of the human population that’s in poverty will be fed. 

I don’t think anyone, be it human or animal should live in a malnourished state and die hungry. Even if you could spare a glass of water, spare it. 

Feed someone. 

Because you’ll be feeding your Soul. 

And that’s a beautiful life indeed to have a Soul that’s always filled and nourished. 


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