Dream Makers : Why are Dreamers Crazy?

It sounds easy? Absolutely not. It’s going to be hard. You’re going to lose sleep, you’re going to cry, beg and bleed. You’re going to lose friends and relationships, you’re going to fall and scrape your knee, you’ll have migraines and pimples just thinking of it. 

You’ll be turned down 100 times, rejected a million, you’ll be pushed away, scoffed off, laughed at, ridiculed and insulted with baskets and baskets of vulgarities and aggressive talk. You’ll be pulled away from the things and people you love , you’ll be driven into the ground at some mornings and drowned in hatred in some nights. You will begin to feel despair and give up hope. 

“Oh just give up already.” ~ conscious says. 

“Forget about it, it’ll never work. See how they react. See how the World abandoned you.” ~ says doubt and fears. 

Are you going to allow these imaginary false statements to diminish you? Are you going to allow others to DICTATE how you’re going to live a more loving and fulfilling life that YOU love. That YOU want to create for your own self, for your family and your loved ones. 

Why are Dreamers crazy ? Cos they crazy enough to make it happen and sane enough to know that nothing is Impossible. -LM 

Image by the freedomexperiment.com

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