Do you know your Life’s script? 

You might be one of those individuals who has spent years figuring out what to do with your life, where to go from here and pondered about which script you should follow? 

Should you follow in your parent’s foot steps? Your siblings ? Or maybe you feel you’ll suffer the same fate as your friends? If you follow this life’s script you need to know that first things first, this script ain’t yours. 

It is your subconscious telling you that your life is $h!++y and no one can do anything about it, especially you. 

This is a corrupted mental thought process and you need to download the latest IOS  to get that engine of a brain running at optimum levels again. 

Get a full mental servicing, get the oil change, clean out the grime, chrome out those wheels and get rid of those sad bald excuse for tires. 

You are a hot piece of upgraded property and you have so much to offer. Believe in yourself. 

Your vibe attracts your tribe – Anonymous 

So things aren’t looking up. You quit or maybe lost your job yet again for the umpteenth time. You go back to a home that’s messy and disorganized. You live in a non conducive environment that you know retards you from thriving and you feel like, this is your fate, there’s no way out and it’s the end of life as we speak. 

Well, from this point onwards, you need to do me one big favor.


Yes, please wake up from that dream state mind of yours, thinking that you’re not deserving of anything good in your life. Why do you think I can relate to that? It’s because I was that very person. I was asleep for so many years of my youth that I allowed every other human being in my life to dictate how my own script was going to sound like. They were the directors of my own personal life journey which wasn’t fair. So I woke up (with the blessings from God) and took back control of the scriptwriting. I then became the Master of my own life, with God’s guidance and showering grace. 

You must first and foremost understand that you are the only driver in that car, and whoever wants to join you on this road trip of your life has got to fasten their seatbelts and brace themselves. It’s going to be a hell of a ride and you call the shots.

Why have you decided that you’ll follow in your parents bad footsteps (even though they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree)? Your parents are human, humans make mistakes. They may not be exemplary but you in turn can show them how it should be done. Now you’re not showing off on how capable you are, parents especially hate it when you try to prove them wrong. You’re doing the right thing only because you can, you know how and you know the difference between what’s logically good and obviously bad. I mean if you still don’t know that gambling away your family treasures is a “bad” thing then maybe your moral compass wasn’t issued to you when you were a Boy Scout. 

It’s tough making your own decisions, especially when you’re indecisive. What do I do now? Where do I go with this? How’s my life going to turn out?

Well, the answer is that your life is going to turn out pretty awesome only because you allow it to be. Your life is going to have purpose because you chose to make living, an intentional way of life.

Live a life with intention. 

When you understand the “Why” you’re working this hard for this long and “Why” you’re still putting up with it despite the odds, you basically found the answer to all the questions you’ve ever asked. 

You have to know the Why. 

One thing I might add is, you don’t have to follow the same script all the time. You have the power of creativity and creating a colorful and interesting life is truly up to you. If you’re focused enough to juggle stuff and you know your direction well enough, it doesn’t matter how many passions  you want to accomplish so just to feel alive and progressive.

You can indulge in as many passions as you want, reset your goals and dreams according to the realities of natural life flow. Change your mind about anything that you originally set your course out to be. It’s ok. Who cares if you didn’t stick to the plan. The plan changes as life changes and it’s absolutely fine. 

Understand that nothing is set in stone and other people’s negative opinion of it only matters when or if it brings you to your downfall. If it sounds like “hating” then be intelligent enough to walk away from such vibrations of thought and think on your feet to not let it affect you. If it’s contructive then take it as a tip off of what to prepare for and watch out ahead. 

Your life’s script is what you make of it. Not what your parents said you’ll be, or what your degree says you should do. It’s whatever that YOU want it to look like. The World is your stage. Your tomorrow is an empty canvas yet to be painted on. 

Make your journey here a life worth living. Build a life you truly love and not one day will be wasted on Earth. 

We are only here for the temporary anyway…why not make it a good book to read.

Yours with love.peace and respect


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