Are you an energy Reader? 

Since the beginning of the human existence , people have been granted the unique ability to be able to read auras and energy. 

At the same time, they develop a heightened sense of instinct due to environmental and situationally social reasons . This was before the rise of all the greatest civilizations of Mankind as we know it. 

The stigma that came along of being able to read energies was that one, was evil. Some of those who practiced reading these energy sources were abusing their capabilities with the intention to manipulate others or instill fear in people.

For instance in “black magic” (a practice with the energies of Jinns and demons ) which in all instances, I greatly recommend not to because everything evil you do has a backfire plan set up, ready to attack you, one fine day. So Never ever ever EVER practice this. It’s a BIG NO. The repercussions is eternal damnation. 

Do you think that people who can read energies are truly special? Little did you know that YOU are capable of such abilities as well. 

This is only because , you are human and you have unique human instincts and capabilities compared to the basic survival instincts in animals and some plants. 

Your brain has an unlimited potential to overcome certain issues, crisis and form the ability to create and recreate. 

For example , the capability to make a sound have meaning, like the word “queijo” (kay-jhoo) in Portuguese meaning cheese. This is how the brain uses its linguistic capabilities which is processed in the Broca and Wernicke’s area part of the frontal cortex according to Sana Suri in an article in from the University of Oxford.

We know how to warn our fellow caveman buddy, “There is a saber toothed tiger behind you, watch out !” In whatever primal way of communicating with each other during the Stone Age, we were able to relay that message to one another using language, be it verbal or physical. 

This form of communication that developed from relaying basic instincts into sounds and actions, predates the earliest human-like mammals, the homo erectus (before the prophet Adam a.s). 

Eventually, these instincts became your sixth sense and with practice and study, humans developed a heightened skill to turn energies into a manisfestation of actual events (this is also one of the basic laws of the Universe, the Law of Attraction). 

Some use negative energies of Jinns (spirits) and some use positive energies of self spiritual enlightenment through Faith, Belief and Cause. 

In some cultures in the past, people who could speak with spirits and foretell the future are given high rankings and status in their communities. 

This is only because they could communicate with the realms of energy around them. It was a skill that not many could master and had knowledge of. 

I believe that it’s a secret passion that blossomed from a hobby to a self-realized set of skills further developed for selfish reasons or selflessness. 

One can not teach another on how to tap into these skills. It is either gifted through family lineage like in most ancient Royal families or enhanced through spiritual and religious studies of each own. 

Your level of understanding religion, cultural and spiritual practices are different from others, which plays a big part in developing these skills. 

One has to heighten their level of observing human behaviors and recognizing how to read facial and body gestures in accordance to what they feel instinctively in positive or negative energy or auras .

The “unglamorous” part of possessing this skill is that people who couldn’t understand the complexities of this skill would demonized and outcast those who can. 

You can see this clearly in Witch trials throughout the history of mankind. Like in early Modern Europe in the 15th to 18th Century and in America. 

Why the Witch Hunts existed was because the century’s Christendom was in peril due to uprising of cults after the reformation of Churches and the fight against paganism. Demonology was also a subject of concern for the Catholic Church during that time. Empires were “poisoning” each other through entities that could not be traced or fought in the physical.

Some communities had professional practitioners who possessed a unique set of skills (also known as folk magic) who could cure diseases or sickness and gave protection against harmful intentions of demonic occult (the witches). 

So it basically sounds like a Good Witch Vs Bad Witch scenario, doesn’t it? 

Well, most times it is. 

The Light Keepers who have God or the Universe as their compass for spiritual wisdom are relentlessly fighting evil and protecting and guiding Mankind. It is a fight against those who keep Jinns or demons as friends and those that worship other than the Al-Mighty Creator.  

It seems such a great gift to be able to read energies but in retrospect, it can bring harm as well to the reader. 

Without the wisdom to be able to control and shelter yourself from hurt and pain , many energy readers fall into depression or paranoia and even worst, suicide. The take is this, start with love and understanding in the things that you say or do. If you have an energy reader as a friend or family member, they most probably already know if you’re jealous, fearful or have an amount of distrust or hatred towards them. And most energy readers won’t tell you that they are unless they feel they could help you in one way or another or provide some direction for your chaotic and disorganized mind.

Hatred is extremely bad energy, be it in spoken or intention. This includes jealousy, revenge, sabotage, grudge and mindless gossiping  and so on and so forth.

How about the goodies?

KINDNESS  is fantastic good energy , LOVE  is extremely good energy , FORGIVENESS is super GREAT energy (but hard to achieve) , GIVING is also GREAT good energy , SHARING AND CARING is good energy and so is TEACHING. 

Kindness , Love and Forgiveness , the three Giants of good energy sources. 

Start these practices within your circle . 

It’s good for everyone, the energy readers and the energy givers . 

YOU have the power to Create. So create awesome vibes, positive energies, cos it can only get better for the nourishment of your soul.

Love well , live better . 


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