2017 Edition 

Like many millennials, resolutions are an almost extinct way of creating a bucket list. So before the year begins, save yourself some panic and prep with clarity and focus.  Here’s 3 steps in following the compass of your Year ahead. 


(before you let 2016 go, let’s review and reflect on what you have done this year)

If you have always had a journal/ daily planner, look and scan through the activities that you’ve had through the year. If you’ve been using Google calendar, you’d see how progressive you were throughout 2016. For those who don’t organize yourselves with planners, just look through your photos  album in your phone. You’ll have a rough gauge of the activities you’ve participated in and then you can truly and honestly write down the new habits you’ve acquired and new thoughts that you’ve developed with those experiences.

The point is, “What major thing that happened this year that changed your perspective indefinitely?”


[wpvideo IL9tBaPf] This is what I do to write down the things I’ve learned. It is an introspective exercise to be more aware of what  version of me in 2016 that I like best and where I can improve.

Write this down, digest it for a few days towards the end of December, after which discard what you wrote once you’ve absorbed enough of your self reflection.

Let’s move on.


Let’s say you’ve chosen two themes for your year. It could be Study and Travel, for example. Being specific in exactly what you want to accomplish will assist you in going ahead and actually work on accomplishing it. You have to know what you want and write down the steps to getting what you want.

So for the Year’s theme, you could say that you could focus your energy on “Education and Solo Travel”. What exactly do you want to study ? Law? Sociology ? Art? And then look into where exactly did you want to travel to? Iceland? Hawaii? Maldives? And how is it that you’re going to organize traveling there, solo?

Creating one  theme means you’re starting with baby steps and that’s ok. But the ideal number of focus is two. Having more than two themes might overwhelm you but if you’re super at multi tasking, then do it. Just remember  to be fair to each theme by paying equal attention to every one.

For instance, you could do “Acquire a Skill, Finish Studying Law and Volunteer at Refugee Camps” or “Learn the guitar and Be a better friend” or even ” Climb Everest and Send family on a Vacay!” It could be any one or two things that you truly want to accomplish. Start making commitments today and put in the money and time to get the steps done. Then you’ll know that you’ve invested too much to back down now.

Let’s say your theme is “Body Transformation”, and you want to join a local gym but you know you won’t go to it regularly. Take a polaroid of you holding the cash up and put that picture next to your desk or planner or where you can see it whenever you come home. Put a label on it saying “THIS IS THE MONEY YOU SPENT ON THE GYM SO GET OFF YOUR A$$ AND MAKE YOUR MONEY’S WORTH” or simply put “This is YOUR Money! GYM NOW GO!” Haha…anything that you fancy really. It’s purpose is to make you realize that you’ve invested this much cash so by hook or by crook do the work.

The point is, “Be specific enough to know what it is that you want to get done, write in point form HOW you’re going to accomplish it exactly. Then organize and execute the plan.”

*note : Keep the steps simple and realistic.


Though it’s something mainly related to the amount of belongings you own and not use, decluttering your life could be anything that sets yourself free from forms of attachments and dependency from all things that causes Clutter  in your personal life.

Excessiveness of accumulating objects is a true cry of your spirit trying to get out to an open space. Free from stuff.

If you’ve yet to get over some things that may require a great amount of time to overcome, we could for the meantime, get rid of photos, memorabilias and gifts that remind us of bad times or times we do not wish to consume us anymore.

One book I’d like to recommend is The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Once you’ve read it and act on it ~ it will change your life. Everything that you’ve ever had difficulty on will now be lighter on your shoulders. It did for me when I started reading Spark Joy , also by Marie Kondo.

Before we hustle into the New Year, let’s take a moment to say a fond and warm farewell to 2016.


A lot of things has happened and mainly it’s  the good stuff. So I’m blessed, blessed and blessed that God put a path ahead of me, such as this. A lot had to be overcome, fears were faced and new challenges tested patience and resilience but we made it through the year with very little damage done and I’m proud.

Knowing where we went wrong and adjusting to learning new habits and refreshing ourselves with new ideas will definitely open up a new and progressive start to 2017!

2016….you were challenging and testing but thank you for the memories and lessons. I bid you now a farewell…..

Remember, be kind. Love sincerely.

Live well, breathe better.

– LM
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Edit: Lin Shafie

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Photo and article : Lin Shafie

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