Why do we fall? 

For as long as we know it, we will never forget those who hurt us or who has caused harm upon us and our loved ones. 

This is only natural because hurt and pain was inflicted upon us by someone else. It could’ve also been the circumstance that caused you hurt, not necessarily an actual person. Maybe the situation put before you, left you with no choice but to result in you getting hurt in some form or way. Now inspite of knowing all this and being aware, we still won’t forget 3 things.  

1) What caused us hurt 

2) Who hurt us 

3) And the outcome of what happened to us because of that experience.  

Some of us were affected emotionally and mentally, which resulted to being damaged for life and some even had permanent physical change (weight loss/gain) or damage to the self (like loss of sight, hearing, paralysis, suicide). 

If you’ve not reached this point of damage, then there are ways to prevent this as much as you can. 

You need to understand why we fall?

– Falling (the human experience that lead to failure, disappointment or grief and misery) is the process of learning who we are. The experience of hurt and hardship acts as a carving tool. It polishes you to the point of the very core of your being. “Falling” is the bridge to ~ ignite Life Changing Resolutions, ~ to spark Conscience and ~ to influence Revolution of Thoughts, your Thoughts.

The beautiful thing is, you are the one holding the carving tool because YOU are the carver of how excellent of a work of art you’d become due to that horrid or traumatic experience. 

Be forgiving. That’s a tough one most times, even for me. Be kind. Show empathy especially for the ones that are incapable of love or kindness, even to those that speak hurtful words and do things to disrespect you or dishonor you, defend yourself but speak with kind words not with hateful words. *To note, that pointed out, I actually have said a lot of mean stuff to one or two particular people in my whole Life due to their stubborness and incapability of kindness #becausetheydeserveit . I will let out my bullets once you’ve crossed the line of absolute disrespect and harmful doing. And at my level to those who know me as a Peace and Love advocate~ that must’ve taken a lot. 

I’ve experienced this with family and loved ones before and it is a tough cookie to bite BUT I’m glad to have achieved a certain immunity to emotional instability, haha. Maybe it’s due to my job that I managed to acquire this skill. 

It’s mainly disorganized and defensive emotions erupting without calm and organized thought processing. Going through years of word lashing from this handful, has really built a sort of numbness and understanding of why they say what they say. 

Which is usually a few things, like jealousy, frustration, confusion, hurt, identity crisis, insecurity, self centeredness or that their core traits have narcissistic characteristics. 

Apply what you’ve learned from the experience that you’ve gained. Don’t be harsh. Be fair. Be firm but don’t be vengeful. Be sincere. It will all be alright in the end. Even if you don’t see it immediately , the delayed gratification will be satisfying , it will be fair in the end. Trust me. I am living proof that it all ends well even after difficulty after difficulty, obstacles after obstacles and heartbreak after heartbreak. I’m a real happy camper in this moment of time but it wasn’t a smooth journey to get to this point. 

Now that being said, the strongest hearts can also falter but it’s the result of what became of us later when we came out of the experience , is the point of the matter. Who did we become?

If we came out a better person~ that’s a gift, may blessings be upon our teachers and may the Al-Mighty guide us all , if we did not come out better than what we began with, then we must sit and reflect some more even if it took us years to overcome. 

We must tell ourselves, I want to be better for the good of Mankind and because it is right. 

The seeds that we grow in our hearts, the things that we speak about , the things we try to influence our friends and our families ….MUST always be in good faith. 

Do not spread hatred or ill intentions , for if you do, it will return to you more than what you sow and then you must prepare for it. It is better to prepare for life lessons, not busy preparing for your retributions. 

Do not harm others with the intent of hurting. Do not plot against other people ( I know a couple who actually do that for real haha) not a good use of energy I must say. Do not plan to deceive ( I also know a person who has done that to me recently in the last couple of years~ May God have mercy), do not be vengeful (there are still so many human beings doing this) it has to stop. 

Defend what you must, in a respectful manner even in the eyes of your enemy. 

Respond with kindness until there is no longer a means for calm gentle words than be firm, be heard and be precise. Speak to them respectfully with the intent to resolve not to dissolve their ego or destroy their reputation EVEN if that was their initial intention towards you. Remember what is your INTENT. They have their own intentions and for whatever deeds we all do, we have only ourselves, our body, our mind, our souls will answer for. 

It will return to you one way or another, that’s why….you must always do your best, to do good . 

Do good. Be kind. Breathe better.

– LM

The Girl Who Didn’t Get Born

Since she was small, Elsie used to say 

“Happy Birthday James” 

“Happy Birthday Claire” 

“Happy Birthday Dan”

And fairies here and there 
As she grew older, 

Elsie played some tricks 

She surprised James 

She surprised Claire 

She surprised Dan 

And fairies here and there 
Now Elsie was big

She was 11

The World had forgotten 

Loving and wishing 

And Elsie was sad 

and sad was tradition 
One day, Elsie grew brave 

She sort out the wizard 

who lived in a cave

She climbed and she limped 

She swam and she crawled 

She reached the old cave 

somewhere in Fall.
The Wizard said “Stop. Who goes there ? 

I smell lavenders in your hair.”

“Are you a girl or a naughty little hare, who came from the forest of Golden Chairs?”

“It is I, Elsie Sinclair

I came here to ask, a wish from this lair.”

“Speak now then, or forever hold your tongue, have you brought me a payment 

for this one?”
” Yes Wizard yes. I give you this stone. 

It came from the Moon, the gems of a throne.”

“Hmm, what is your wish ? 

Speak now, time is of essence”
“I wish for you to eliminate 

my Presence.”

The Wizard was confused 
“You could jump off a cliff, 

it will kill all your blues.

It’ll be quite swift.”
“No Wizard no. They will remember my death, they’ll cry for years on. I shan’t 
burden them.”

“If I did not exist, they wouldn’t be so torn. I, would not matter. 

Cos my Life is unborn”

“Why do you ask this, child? It is strange 

a request.”

“No one cares enough. A life full of Less.

A burden so harsh, this I confess.”
As the Wizard waved
His wand in the air

He conjured a spell 

For Elsie Sinclair 

Her hands used to touch

And showed Love so much

She used to embrace them

With hellos and hugs
Her legs used to run
Her giggles in the air 

Her smile could end wars

This Elsie Sinclair 

Her hair was the scent

Of lavender fields

Her skin was as soft 

As nourishing peels
Her heart was the one 

That could love the whole 


The Wizard saw through 
this sad little girl 

She cared and loved 
But no one did so

He then saw her body 

Illuminate such Glow

Her eyes were the ones

That looked at her Love 

With such gentle sweetness 

A gift from above 
Slowly and slowly 

Her breath had a shortness 

Elsie then disappeared 

Right Into the Darkness.

The End 


Mr Henry

It seemed like it’s been raining for 30 days and 30 nights. The Sun snuggled behind the clouds, trying to get a glimpse of Mother Earth. 

Rain had to pour, to make the Earth drink again. Quench its thirst after a long spiritual drought. I had my raincoat on and I ran from shelter to shelter. 

I was running errands in town and I decided to take a bus home since I was stuck at the bus stop. 

I chose to board a bus I used to take when I was younger. The Number 12 brings back really good memories. The familiar route was just what I needed to spark nostalgia, back to a time when life was simpler.

I recall a form teacher back in Primary school, a nerdy looking chap, in his early 40’s, about 5’8 medium built, he had an old man’s pair of hands. I noticed it whenever he writes on the blackboard, I was seated in the first row. 

He’d write till the chalk broke in half or he had run out of space. I never really knew his first name but let’s call him Mr Henry.

He was stern and ran a no nonsense class. Some hated him because he was so strict with his rules and regulations but most of us understood that bad behavior had to be dealt with. Well, he was part of the disciplinarian team anyway.

He was my math teacher primarily. He’d be in school way before anybody was. Mr Henry was meticulous and always wanted his students to excel.

I knew there was a softer side of him and so whenever I spoke to him, I added in a tease or two just to hear him giggle cos he’d usually just frown all day long. That must be tiring to do. I couldn’t tell if he hated his job or was just a plain old grouch.

One day, I came to school earlier than usual, to catch up with some reading. And I went up to class to put some of the heavier books at my desk. 

That morning, I saw for myself how hardworking my teacher was. He wrote all the mental sums and class notes on one side of the board and the other “side bar” which was just a line drawn to separate, he’d write down math problems for our homework. I’ve always wondered how the blackboard is covered with Math problems by the time we get to class first thing in the morning. I thought he’d stayed back after school the day before,to do this.

The maintenance personnel were very familiar with his hours before and after school. I got to know from other students too that he’d spend at least an hour prepping for the first period even before any student was seated down at the hall for our daily “silent reading” sessions. 

So Mr Henry didn’t hate his job after all.He was so passionate that he’d add that extra hours just to ensure that we get enough math practice as possible. Math is about practicing anyway. 

Though I’ve never loved Math, he made it a little easier to understand. He made it a little simpler for me to cope with Primary 6 Math. 

Ironically, that final year, I really fell in love with Algebra and it was all because of him. Of course now, I’ve lost touch with it and have to relearn everything but yeah, he did make me love Algebra eventually. Only Algebra. 

Mr Henry was always well groomed and presentable, fresh and ready for the day. I don’t recall ever seeing him look sleepy and unkept in class. I did catch him yawning though, but that was after class and in the teachers room. 

I never knew if he was married or had any kids or a girlfriend or hobbies. Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t. Maybe his job was his Life. Maybe ironing the crease in his pants and starching his collars was the highlight of his day, I really would never know. He just loved everything to be neat, tidy, proper and precise. 

You may ask why this bus ride suddenly sparked a memory of him ? 

Because the bus route drove pass his house which was just a block away from where I used to live. 

When I was about 17, I bumped into an old school mate of mine. He told me that he still visits our Primary school to catch up with his class teachers. 

I asked him if Mr Henry was still teaching there. He responded with an empathetic sigh. “Mr Henry passed on a couple of years ago.” 

I didn’t know how to react. I was just stunned and exclaimed “Whuuuaat?!” The news really made me wonder if he was suffering any disease when he was teaching us. Was he all alone fighting his battles? Was he struggling all this while or was this a sudden death? It was hard for me to wrap around the idea of him dying so young. 

Mr Henry died from a heart attack. A man who overworked his heart to the edge of its capacity. He was a very dedicated teacher and I’d always remember him as that. 

I could just picture him standing at that bus stop waiting for the bus. Eager to reach school. Eager to teach. 

Whether he lived a life he truly loved, I would never know for sure, but he did a splendid job showing up and making it count, every single day. 

You will always be remembered. 

Thank you Mr Henry. 


A Falling Girl ~ Nov 2015

In our pursuits

We rose up 

to catch the sky 

We touched the clouds 

and saw the light

We were true to 

Our hearts

We defended 

Our minds

We were gentle with 

Our touch

We were rough with 

Our souls 

You saw her eyes 

They cried herself

To the brink of


To the edge of


She sang out loud

With all her heart

Enough to open 

up her soul 

Drew all her cards 

Lay it down right 

And still she has to 

Weigh her gold

She kept falling

But she kept hanging on

Her hands are torn

Of rope burns more

She sleeps and sleeps

But still it hurts

For the longest ride 

And the tiresome sore

She looked up

And  said “no more..”

” The most beautiful of our hearts came from the darkest parts.” -LM 

Dream Makers : Why are Dreamers Crazy?

It sounds easy? Absolutely not. It’s going to be hard. You’re going to lose sleep, you’re going to cry, beg and bleed. You’re going to lose friends and relationships, you’re going to fall and scrape your knee, you’ll have migraines and pimples just thinking of it. 

You’ll be turned down 100 times, rejected a million, you’ll be pushed away, scoffed off, laughed at, ridiculed and insulted with baskets and baskets of vulgarities and aggressive talk. You’ll be pulled away from the things and people you love , you’ll be driven into the ground at some mornings and drowned in hatred in some nights. You will begin to feel despair and give up hope. 

“Oh just give up already.” ~ conscious says. 

“Forget about it, it’ll never work. See how they react. See how the World abandoned you.” ~ says doubt and fears. 

Are you going to allow these imaginary false statements to diminish you? Are you going to allow others to DICTATE how you’re going to live a more loving and fulfilling life that YOU love. That YOU want to create for your own self, for your family and your loved ones. 

Why are Dreamers crazy ? Cos they crazy enough to make it happen and sane enough to know that nothing is Impossible. -LM 

Image by the freedomexperiment.com

London Town

As I sit here in a quaint cafe in the gloomy lanes of London town, Back for Good is playing on the radio. The patrons are all sitting alone. It’s like LonersVille in here. But all of us are in our own zones. Tuning out from the hustle of town. Seems like the only ones who come in here are looking for an escape. An escape, away from the noise. 

A blonde haired grey eyed girl is sitting by the window, reading what seems quite interesting. I can’t see what she’s reading but her eyes make an expression at every turn of the page. The rain started pouring. 

People still fill the streets despite the downpour. Oh well, it’s London. This could be quite the norm. This would be monsoon where I come from. 

Well, the monsoon is almost over. And summer in the Equator is a killer. Days on end of scorching love from the Sun. 

The barista is sweeping. Each by inch, diligently cleaning the floors of brown sugar and eraser waste. A young lad sits across me. I think he’s building an app. He looks so engrossed. In the zone of creating. 

She sweeps by me again. An Eastern European girl, a brunette with beautiful eyes. She’s so hardworking. Even when there are only 3 of us in the whole cafe, she is constantly in motion. Prepping, cleaning and arranging. 

Aah the music is changing. It’s Leona Lewis, Bleeding Love. I’m so in love with this radio station. Flash back after flash back. Isn’t music just like scents ? You hear a song and a clip from your past flashes back, just like a familiar scent. Take That was a band I grew up with in my teens. Man, I used to love Gary Barlow. Didn’t everyone used to love Gary Barlow ? Haha. Gosh, ten years passed so swiftly. 

Alright, I’m going to savor this cappuccino of mine a little bit longer before I leave. It’s nightfall and it’s only 4.30 in the afternoon. 

The cold is not my friend. I best be getting back. Today was a good day. A good day indeed. 

The Captain’s Calling

It really doesn’t folks. It may rain and rain and rain on ya but when that rainbow peaks out, it’ll be worth it. Take it from me. Patience is indeed a freaking virtue haha. 

I’ve had maybe 12-15 years worth of storms or maybe even more and still am going through one now but hey, this too shall pass and it scrubs at ya and it grinds you into smithereens and it feels like sand paper, polishing you day in and day out. But let me tell you here, that is NOT carved in stone, trauma and pain IS not the boss of you and you can create a wind of change but you got to understand THIS.

 A true captain of a ship, has sailed into waves of storms, went overboard, maybe almost to the brink of drowning saving the ship and the crew, they had to figure out how to get through rocky valleys in treacherous waters, now for you to be a damn good Captain of YOUR ship, you gon experience a hell a lot of storms to know how to sail to that secluded paradise island. 

You will get through it cos you ain’t got no choice but to survive. 

Believe that. -LM 
Image by the Darling Bakers

The Flower and the Concrete Slab

You face many adversities, you’ve been misunderstood, and some of them have misperceptions about you because of whatever reasons, your trials and tribulations kept coming and coming like a river flow that never ends. The rain kept pouring down, washing away your spirit, your beliefs and at some point you thought you were going crazy out of your mind, you felt alone and in total despair. 

YOU are a seed in the crevices of a concrete slab. No matter what conditions you endured, what changes your environment pressured onto you, that rain kept watering you, that sun kept shining on you like a glare….and in the end, you grew so much, learned so much that eventually a seedling emerged through the dirt ~ growing up and out into the sky. 

By all means, if you had a choice or had to be grateful for something, be grateful that You were given the opportunity to Grow. -LM 
Image by Laura Supnik. 

Stand Like a Rock Like Standing Rock

The Dakota pipelines (#nodapl) has been one of Earth’s and its peoples greatest wars this past two years or so. A Great Big congratulations to our brothers, sisters and relatives of distant lands for this epic win where POTUS has finally decided to honor the treaty (follow #markruffalo on IG). A GREAT HUGE THANKS to all those who have helped pass around the petition and led the campaigns in your own circles and communities all around the Globe.  Also a BIG UNIVERSAL THANK YOU  to the tribes/ cousins in New Zealand, the Maoris for showing support from across the World to stop the Pipelines. When we don’t give up, we approach with Peace, good will prevail eventually.

Since we are in the mood for celebrating successes, lest not forget our relatives and Guardians of this Planet in Northern British Columbia who also faced a couple of years of struggle protecting the waters and lands of the Unist’o’ten people and its territories.

Canada’s most recent elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has last year, honored the treaties of First Nations People in an AFN (The Assembly of First Nations) meeting of Chiefs and Elders of the tribes.

The struggles of our relatives in distant lands should set as an example that with Peace and Persistence, we ARE capable of Victory! We ARE capable of a Justified result. No matter how long your struggle will take, no matter how much injustice you’ve faced, Good will prevail in some form or way. If not at the present, you will reap the benefits of your struggle at a later stage but it will come to you. Like how all actions have consequences and resolutions, the Al-Mighty Creator is organizing the Universe so that each being, each deed be it good or bad, is not left unattended, ignored or neglected.

I personally have experienced a similar struggle with aggressors in my life. Persons who have insulted me, my family and my way of life. Persons who have accused me for “crimes” I did not commit. Crimes that they committed but hide from the public eye even though I have the evidences in my hands.

They take advantage of the loopholes in the system to cause trouble, vandalize and steal my property. I’ve been locked out of my house and not allowed entry by my aggressors even though I was non violent and had every right to be there.

A non bias observer and outsider of the conflict was analyzing facts on both sides and trying to understand the issues both parties were facing and it shocked me when this person said to me, “What you are facing seems like the Israel Palestine Conflict , where you the “Palestinian” is droved out of your home by the Israelis.” I never looked at it in that way ever and I actually laughed out loud when this person pointed out the obvious, I said,” Yes. Now I do see a lot of similarities in the issue. ”

So just like how the previous leaders did not honor the treaties made in these Nations, in these countries, I also faced such moments where the court order was not honored or exercised. I understand what these Nations have gone through in the sense of struggle and personal strife.

It was a dark time I came out from and the sunshine I got now is worth every ounce of struggle I had gone through.

When your intent is just to exercise peace and enforce Justice, the laws of the Universe created by God Al-Mighty will make its way through the breathing pipes of humanity.

So let me tell you this, every time, approach with peace. Every time I approach with no violence. Every time, I place humanity in the forefront. Though they see me and loathe me, I approach with an extended hand in greeting. I smile to those relatives even though I sense hatred in their vibrations. And I’m also truly grateful to those relatives who have embraced me and welcomed me. Those who have risked reputation and relationship, in order to find out the Truth. I honor and respect those who remembered how I loved them. How I embraced them. I am blessed that strangers who have had their own personal experiences about these agressors have stood up for me, a total stranger to them. They owe me nothing, they don’t even know me and they have showed support and solidarity. They showed me what they factually know from the past and this present moment and have presented me with Truth that was beyond my belief. Things that the media was misinformed about or were hidden from. Thank you to you and you and you and the hundreds and thousands who have bore witness to injustice and did something about it.

You will always be in God’s good light God-willing. People are praying for those who face injustice, those who are in the frontlines, those who have struggled and are persistently fighting in spirit.

But I always approach with Peace. With Love. Non violence. And though I may lose material stuff, money and time, it doesn’t matter because in the end, I won the case overall. I won the fight overall. I won the struggle overall and it feels like you’ve won the wars of many countries and all the struggle and insults and injustice done to you…..polished you to be the diamond that you’re meant to be. It was all worth it. The more hatred you face and resistance that they showed, the more they bombard you with their keyboard warrior antics and cyber bullying behaviors, the more you get polished and polished and polished. Always begin with a gentle hand but always stand firm like a Rock.

And just what one of our most active #nodapl leaders, Mark Ruffalo states here in his IG post not too many days ago, whenever THEY  are violent by abusing you verbally or physically being non cooperative, THEY lose and YOU WIN. Every single time. Whenever they troll you on social media and check up on your activities, posts and articles-You Win and they LOSE, every single time. So don’t think of it as a negative. When people troll your feeds and activities, they are unconsciously contributing to your social traffic. So its a win win situation, if you sit down and analyze it logically.

Via Mark Ruffalo Official IG

Don’t give up. Act with Peace. If you don’t, you’ll be just as bad as your aggressors. You’ll be just as bad in character as the ones that have accused you and have wronged you. So elevate and emancipate your being. Truly God is on your side, the way of Light is the natural way, is the given path and is the way to every answer you’re looking for. Don’t give up. Your struggle though it’ll take some time, some days, weeks, months or years, it is temporary, it shall pass and YOU WILL OVERCOME IT without a single doubt. -LM

Be kind. Do Good. Be Sincere.

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Here’s what I talked about during my visit to #StandingRock last week. Our fellow Water Protectors should not be treated with violence. #NoDAPL


ND Governor: 701-328-2200

@Amnesty International: 212-807-8400

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