London Town

As I sit here in a quaint cafe in the gloomy lanes of London town, Back for Good is playing on the radio. The patrons are all sitting alone. It’s like LonersVille in here. But all of us are in our own zones. Tuning out from the hustle of town. Seems like the only ones who come in here are looking for an escape. An escape, away from the noise. 

A blonde haired grey eyed girl is sitting by the window, reading what seems quite interesting. I can’t see what she’s reading but her eyes make an expression at every turn of the page. The rain started pouring. 

People still fill the streets despite the downpour. Oh well, it’s London. This could be quite the norm. This would be monsoon where I come from. 

Well, the monsoon is almost over. And summer in the Equator is a killer. Days on end of scorching love from the Sun. 

The barista is sweeping. Each by inch, diligently cleaning the floors of brown sugar and eraser waste. A young lad sits across me. I think he’s building an app. He looks so engrossed. In the zone of creating. 

She sweeps by me again. An Eastern European girl, a brunette with beautiful eyes. She’s so hardworking. Even when there are only 3 of us in the whole cafe, she is constantly in motion. Prepping, cleaning and arranging. 

Aah the music is changing. It’s Leona Lewis, Bleeding Love. I’m so in love with this radio station. Flash back after flash back. Isn’t music just like scents ? You hear a song and a clip from your past flashes back, just like a familiar scent. Take That was a band I grew up with in my teens. Man, I used to love Gary Barlow. Didn’t everyone used to love Gary Barlow ? Haha. Gosh, ten years passed so swiftly. 

Alright, I’m going to savor this cappuccino of mine a little bit longer before I leave. It’s nightfall and it’s only 4.30 in the afternoon. 

The cold is not my friend. I best be getting back. Today was a good day. A good day indeed. 

The Captain’s Calling

It really doesn’t folks. It may rain and rain and rain on ya but when that rainbow peaks out, it’ll be worth it. Take it from me. Patience is indeed a freaking virtue haha. 

I’ve had maybe 12-15 years worth of storms or maybe even more and still am going through one now but hey, this too shall pass and it scrubs at ya and it grinds you into smithereens and it feels like sand paper, polishing you day in and day out. But let me tell you here, that is NOT carved in stone, trauma and pain IS not the boss of you and you can create a wind of change but you got to understand THIS.

 A true captain of a ship, has sailed into waves of storms, went overboard, maybe almost to the brink of drowning saving the ship and the crew, they had to figure out how to get through rocky valleys in treacherous waters, now for you to be a damn good Captain of YOUR ship, you gon experience a hell a lot of storms to know how to sail to that secluded paradise island. 

You will get through it cos you ain’t got no choice but to survive. 

Believe that. -LM 
Image by the Darling Bakers

The Flower and the Concrete Slab

You face many adversities, you’ve been misunderstood, and some of them have misperceptions about you because of whatever reasons, your trials and tribulations kept coming and coming like a river flow that never ends. The rain kept pouring down, washing away your spirit, your beliefs and at some point you thought you were going crazy out of your mind, you felt alone and in total despair. 

YOU are a seed in the crevices of a concrete slab. No matter what conditions you endured, what changes your environment pressured onto you, that rain kept watering you, that sun kept shining on you like a glare….and in the end, you grew so much, learned so much that eventually a seedling emerged through the dirt ~ growing up and out into the sky. 

By all means, if you had a choice or had to be grateful for something, be grateful that You were given the opportunity to Grow. -LM 
Image by Laura Supnik. 

Stand Like a Rock Like Standing Rock

The Dakota pipelines (#nodapl) has been one of Earth’s and its peoples greatest wars this past two years or so. A Great Big congratulations to our brothers, sisters and relatives of distant lands for this epic win where POTUS has finally decided to honor the treaty (follow #markruffalo on IG). A GREAT HUGE THANKS to all those who have helped pass around the petition and led the campaigns in your own circles and communities all around the Globe.  Also a BIG UNIVERSAL THANK YOU  to the tribes/ cousins in New Zealand, the Maoris for showing support from across the World to stop the Pipelines. When we don’t give up, we approach with Peace, good will prevail eventually.

Since we are in the mood for celebrating successes, lest not forget our relatives and Guardians of this Planet in Northern British Columbia who also faced a couple of years of struggle protecting the waters and lands of the Unist’o’ten people and its territories.

Canada’s most recent elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has last year, honored the treaties of First Nations People in an AFN (The Assembly of First Nations) meeting of Chiefs and Elders of the tribes.

The struggles of our relatives in distant lands should set as an example that with Peace and Persistence, we ARE capable of Victory! We ARE capable of a Justified result. No matter how long your struggle will take, no matter how much injustice you’ve faced, Good will prevail in some form or way. If not at the present, you will reap the benefits of your struggle at a later stage but it will come to you. Like how all actions have consequences and resolutions, the Al-Mighty Creator is organizing the Universe so that each being, each deed be it good or bad, is not left unattended, ignored or neglected.

I personally have experienced a similar struggle with aggressors in my life. Persons who have insulted me, my family and my way of life. Persons who have accused me for “crimes” I did not commit. Crimes that they committed but hide from the public eye even though I have the evidences in my hands.

They take advantage of the loopholes in the system to cause trouble, vandalize and steal my property. I’ve been locked out of my house and not allowed entry by my aggressors even though I was non violent and had every right to be there.

A non bias observer and outsider of the conflict was analyzing facts on both sides and trying to understand the issues both parties were facing and it shocked me when this person said to me, “What you are facing seems like the Israel Palestine Conflict , where you the “Palestinian” is droved out of your home by the Israelis.” I never looked at it in that way ever and I actually laughed out loud when this person pointed out the obvious, I said,” Yes. Now I do see a lot of similarities in the issue. ”

So just like how the previous leaders did not honor the treaties made in these Nations, in these countries, I also faced such moments where the court order was not honored or exercised. I understand what these Nations have gone through in the sense of struggle and personal strife.

It was a dark time I came out from and the sunshine I got now is worth every ounce of struggle I had gone through.

When your intent is just to exercise peace and enforce Justice, the laws of the Universe created by God Al-Mighty will make its way through the breathing pipes of humanity.

So let me tell you this, every time, approach with peace. Every time I approach with no violence. Every time, I place humanity in the forefront. Though they see me and loathe me, I approach with an extended hand in greeting. I smile to those relatives even though I sense hatred in their vibrations. And I’m also truly grateful to those relatives who have embraced me and welcomed me. Those who have risked reputation and relationship, in order to find out the Truth. I honor and respect those who remembered how I loved them. How I embraced them. I am blessed that strangers who have had their own personal experiences about these agressors have stood up for me, a total stranger to them. They owe me nothing, they don’t even know me and they have showed support and solidarity. They showed me what they factually know from the past and this present moment and have presented me with Truth that was beyond my belief. Things that the media was misinformed about or were hidden from. Thank you to you and you and you and the hundreds and thousands who have bore witness to injustice and did something about it.

You will always be in God’s good light God-willing. People are praying for those who face injustice, those who are in the frontlines, those who have struggled and are persistently fighting in spirit.

But I always approach with Peace. With Love. Non violence. And though I may lose material stuff, money and time, it doesn’t matter because in the end, I won the case overall. I won the fight overall. I won the struggle overall and it feels like you’ve won the wars of many countries and all the struggle and insults and injustice done to you…..polished you to be the diamond that you’re meant to be. It was all worth it. The more hatred you face and resistance that they showed, the more they bombard you with their keyboard warrior antics and cyber bullying behaviors, the more you get polished and polished and polished. Always begin with a gentle hand but always stand firm like a Rock.

And just what one of our most active #nodapl leaders, Mark Ruffalo states here in his IG post not too many days ago, whenever THEY  are violent by abusing you verbally or physically being non cooperative, THEY lose and YOU WIN. Every single time. Whenever they troll you on social media and check up on your activities, posts and articles-You Win and they LOSE, every single time. So don’t think of it as a negative. When people troll your feeds and activities, they are unconsciously contributing to your social traffic. So its a win win situation, if you sit down and analyze it logically.

Via Mark Ruffalo Official IG

Don’t give up. Act with Peace. If you don’t, you’ll be just as bad as your aggressors. You’ll be just as bad in character as the ones that have accused you and have wronged you. So elevate and emancipate your being. Truly God is on your side, the way of Light is the natural way, is the given path and is the way to every answer you’re looking for. Don’t give up. Your struggle though it’ll take some time, some days, weeks, months or years, it is temporary, it shall pass and YOU WILL OVERCOME IT without a single doubt. -LM

Be kind. Do Good. Be Sincere.

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Here’s what I talked about during my visit to #StandingRock last week. Our fellow Water Protectors should not be treated with violence. #NoDAPL


ND Governor: 701-328-2200

@Amnesty International: 212-807-8400

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Are you an energy Reader? 

Since the beginning of the human existence , people have been granted the unique ability to be able to read auras and energy. 

At the same time, they develop a heightened sense of instinct due to environmental and situationally social reasons . This was before the rise of all the greatest civilizations of Mankind as we know it. 

The stigma that came along of being able to read energies was that one, was evil. Some of those who practiced reading these energy sources were abusing their capabilities with the intention to manipulate others or instill fear in people.

For instance in “black magic” (a practice with the energies of Jinns and demons ) which in all instances, I greatly recommend not to because everything evil you do has a backfire plan set up, ready to attack you, one fine day. So Never ever ever EVER practice this. It’s a BIG NO. The repercussions is eternal damnation. 

Do you think that people who can read energies are truly special? Little did you know that YOU are capable of such abilities as well. 

This is only because , you are human and you have unique human instincts and capabilities compared to the basic survival instincts in animals and some plants. 

Your brain has an unlimited potential to overcome certain issues, crisis and form the ability to create and recreate. 

For example , the capability to make a sound have meaning, like the word “queijo” (kay-jhoo) in Portuguese meaning cheese. This is how the brain uses its linguistic capabilities which is processed in the Broca and Wernicke’s area part of the frontal cortex according to Sana Suri in an article in from the University of Oxford.

We know how to warn our fellow caveman buddy, “There is a saber toothed tiger behind you, watch out !” In whatever primal way of communicating with each other during the Stone Age, we were able to relay that message to one another using language, be it verbal or physical. 

This form of communication that developed from relaying basic instincts into sounds and actions, predates the earliest human-like mammals, the homo erectus (before the prophet Adam a.s). 

Eventually, these instincts became your sixth sense and with practice and study, humans developed a heightened skill to turn energies into a manisfestation of actual events (this is also one of the basic laws of the Universe, the Law of Attraction). 

Some use negative energies of Jinns (spirits) and some use positive energies of self spiritual enlightenment through Faith, Belief and Cause. 

In some cultures in the past, people who could speak with spirits and foretell the future are given high rankings and status in their communities. 

This is only because they could communicate with the realms of energy around them. It was a skill that not many could master and had knowledge of. 

I believe that it’s a secret passion that blossomed from a hobby to a self-realized set of skills further developed for selfish reasons or selflessness. 

One can not teach another on how to tap into these skills. It is either gifted through family lineage like in most ancient Royal families or enhanced through spiritual and religious studies of each own. 

Your level of understanding religion, cultural and spiritual practices are different from others, which plays a big part in developing these skills. 

One has to heighten their level of observing human behaviors and recognizing how to read facial and body gestures in accordance to what they feel instinctively in positive or negative energy or auras .

The “unglamorous” part of possessing this skill is that people who couldn’t understand the complexities of this skill would demonized and outcast those who can. 

You can see this clearly in Witch trials throughout the history of mankind. Like in early Modern Europe in the 15th to 18th Century and in America. 

Why the Witch Hunts existed was because the century’s Christendom was in peril due to uprising of cults after the reformation of Churches and the fight against paganism. Demonology was also a subject of concern for the Catholic Church during that time. Empires were “poisoning” each other through entities that could not be traced or fought in the physical.

Some communities had professional practitioners who possessed a unique set of skills (also known as folk magic) who could cure diseases or sickness and gave protection against harmful intentions of demonic occult (the witches). 

So it basically sounds like a Good Witch Vs Bad Witch scenario, doesn’t it? 

Well, most times it is. 

The Light Keepers who have God or the Universe as their compass for spiritual wisdom are relentlessly fighting evil and protecting and guiding Mankind. It is a fight against those who keep Jinns or demons as friends and those that worship other than the Al-Mighty Creator.  

It seems such a great gift to be able to read energies but in retrospect, it can bring harm as well to the reader. 

Without the wisdom to be able to control and shelter yourself from hurt and pain , many energy readers fall into depression or paranoia and even worst, suicide. The take is this, start with love and understanding in the things that you say or do. If you have an energy reader as a friend or family member, they most probably already know if you’re jealous, fearful or have an amount of distrust or hatred towards them. And most energy readers won’t tell you that they are unless they feel they could help you in one way or another or provide some direction for your chaotic and disorganized mind.

Hatred is extremely bad energy, be it in spoken or intention. This includes jealousy, revenge, sabotage, grudge and mindless gossiping  and so on and so forth.

How about the goodies?

KINDNESS  is fantastic good energy , LOVE  is extremely good energy , FORGIVENESS is super GREAT energy (but hard to achieve) , GIVING is also GREAT good energy , SHARING AND CARING is good energy and so is TEACHING. 

Kindness , Love and Forgiveness , the three Giants of good energy sources. 

Start these practices within your circle . 

It’s good for everyone, the energy readers and the energy givers . 

YOU have the power to Create. So create awesome vibes, positive energies, cos it can only get better for the nourishment of your soul.

Love well , live better . 


The Magic In Humans

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Here I am Facing the Universe 

And Commanding the laws

The states of consciousness 

The quantum physics of realities 

Making a statement that demands 

Universal attention that spans across borders 

Across boundaries and transcends time and space 
I will not live like this. 

I will not allow history to repeat an endless looping of old scripts 

Old mentalities 

Old issues 

Old stories disguised as new ones 

I will not sabotage my very own existence to please other beings, to conform and “fit in” with the norm. 

To drive myself to insanity with the stubbornness of the Blind and the Asleep.

We do not love like the Humans 

But we are gifted as them

And we are born in their form 

And we live amongst them

So we must make the best of our time 

To educate

What is so taken for granted 

To participate 

In what they felt is not important 
I sometimes wonder 

Is this the life of an Indigo?

Will we always be alone in this World

Is our existence only as Guardians ?
Will we drive ourselves to extinction? 
But there is still Magic

Magic in Humans 

And what seems mystical was never as it seems 

It was what was gifted 

It is a skill 

Enhanced through years of practice and studying laws of Science, Biology, Botany, Ethology, Philosophy, Theology, History and Astronomy 

Do you feel there is still Magic in Humans?

When actually it wasn’t Magic at all.
It was all states of Consciousness, Enhanced. 

I will not live like this. 

I will not allow the stubbornness of understanding and to be understood stand in the way of 

Achieving Happiness and Enhancing Love. 

There is still Magic in Humans. I believe there is. 

But it’s hard to see past people who refuse to take advice or learn from the obvious 

We just have to look past our egos and find a common ground to Understand and Love each other. 

It’s that simple. If only they knew,

there IS Magic in Humans.


It was a Life short Lived (True Stories)

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I remember when I was about 23, we had a friend who got to know that one of his buddies got busted for drugs. Let’s call him Eddy. In Singapore, once you’re caught with cocaine (with the minimum 30 grams) you would inevitably have to face the death sentence. 

Our friend told us that he was sad. He heard that the prison officers had asked Eddy on what he would like to eat for his “last meal”. Eddy was going to be hanged on a Friday, which was a week from that moment. 

Suddenly, visions of my yesteryears appeared in my head, of a friend I used to know back in Marine Parade. Kids mature quite quickly into adulthood back then. They were into things like smoking and going to canto clubs at the tender age of 11. 

Some formed a different sort of past time, like glue sniffing, which was the thing amongst 10-13yr olds in that area, back in the 80’s. 

They took their example from their older friends from high school or even from some of their family members. 

I knew one particular friend who was a glue sniffer at 10 years old , she took after her mother who did hard drugs at that time. She continued the drug abuse lifestyle till her older teens and I heard it affected her life, till today. 

I never knew what became of her but I hope she is well because some say that she wasn’t . She was the funniest girl who was so talented and entertaining. She was also very kind and stood up for kids who were bullied. Her laughter was contagious. That’s what I remember about her.

Another drug related story hit close to home last month, when a colleague got caught with drugs in the beautiful island of – Bali. He was a nice person according to those who knew him and in that one day, his life turned from awesome to awful, like lickety split. 

He basically took a great chance in making a quick buck but hearsay tells that he wanted to  just “chill out” on his holiday and that was all. I don’t know the real story of that (cos I haven’t read the papers) —so this part, was all word of mouth but what’s certain is that he’s in a Bali prison now serving his sentence. 

Another similar arrest , about a year or so ago, was a Singaporean who got caught for drug trafficking in Sydney, Australia. He was in desperate need for fast cash as he was in great debt due to gambling. 

Now I’d like to share this really awesome local film I watched about two months ago, it’s  called “The Apprentice”. It features the actor Firdaus Rahman as Aiman, a rookie Hangman. 

Learning the skills of a ropeman, he had to retrain himself. He went from helping to facilitate and rehabilitate inmates to learning the art of taking a life. 

Aiman became an understudy to a senior Hangman who was so good at what he does, that they could not find anyone to replace him, till now. 

Aiman was actually a man on a mission. He was determined to meet the very Hangman that took his father’s life many years ago due to an irreversible mistake.  

That being said, at the same time, the film also shows how compassionate the prison officers are.

The “to be hung” convicts were asked what they wanted to eat as their last meal , whether they wanted to share their last words with anyone in particular, and whether they wanted their families to bring them a form of clothing or suit that they’d prefer to wear on D-day. 

Some inmates had families who shun them, and the prison officers showed empathy by lying to them – saying that their loving wife had gifted a suit to them when in fact, they had gone to buy a suit for them instead. They told them that their families were too overwhelmed of their going that they couldn’t bear to say goodbye when in fact , some of their families saw them as  “dead ends” and had abandoned all hope in them. It was a cold and lonely few days before D-day. And as days and hours go by, they become more and more reluctant to face the music but who wouldn’t? 

It was sad but watching it through really made me think of all the irreversible mistakes we make in our lives.

Yeah we can learn from our mistakes of course, and we definitely should. It is from the Darkness that we understand the Light. But some mistakes are truly irreversible and some mistakes we’d have to live with, for the rest of our lives. 

No matter what pain, hurt or loneliness you’re going through, you have to learn to recognize the good things. The best things. You need to know that help is not too far away. Reach out. The best type of help anyone could give is, listening. Be it drugs, alcohol, gambling or any other kind of negative addiction, you don’t have to drown yourself to quiet the mind and to block the pain. 

You know, I think about death a lot because it reminds me of Living. And the desire to live life the best way possible. To do good. Be kind as much as we can. Be loving and encouraging. Influence goodness and Light. Live well. Taking care of your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. 

Now I don’t know Eddy. But he could’ve been a really great guy. Maybe he was funny. Maybe he was kind or loved his mum very dearly or maybe he was a father and good husband, I really don’t know. 

But what I recognize is that, he was a human life. Which is a path gifted to us by the Al-Mighty Creator. 

We are a Universe within a Universe. 

Isn’t it such a waste to live your life in Darkness? 

The sadder thing about Eddy’s situation was, that he knew in his mind that on Friday, “my life will be taken from me due to my own negligence and ignorance of my well being” . He knew he was going to die that Friday. 

You see dying is inevitable. Everyone of us will die eventually. But the sad thing was not dying…the sad thing was he didn’t get a chance to Truly Live.

He was 21. 


For more information about the effects of drugs, Singapore laws and how to seek help, please read this article by ” Stop Drug Addiction: How to get help ” . 

On how to get help for Alcohol addiction , read Alcoholics Anonymous Singapore . 

For all other sources of help on Alcohol, Gambling and Internet Sex Addiction dependencies, Anger Management Issues, Depression Issues, Relationship Abuse, Marital advice, Sexual Abuse, Children and Youth counseling and Stress related matters, please contact The SCC or find out more comprehensively on related organizations who can help professionally. 

The name Eddy, used in this article as a subject matter has been changed to protect identity and/or for creative story telling purposes only. Stories are based on true events in Singapore. More specific and accurate information can be found out from articles SIA Cabin Crew Caught in Bali  and Channel News Asia: Singaporean Arrested in Bali . Other sources : Singaporean Drug Mule Arrested in Sydney . 

Feed Someone 

If you could help it and if there is time and opportunity and you could spare some money or food — try to feed someone. 

Not out of wanting a prayer in return. Not out of wanting to gain fame or affirmation , not because you want them to repay a future debt but just for the honest sincere act of giving. 

Sometimes it’s so hard to gauge which “homeless person” is truly for certain in need of help. 

My tip is simple. If you’re afraid that you’ll be conned (and I’m sure we have been victims of con men and women ) , then don’t give. GIVE, only if purely with all your heart, you are “okay” with giving despite that it may turn out to be a con artist trying to pull a fast one. 

If you’re Okay with it for whatever reason then GIVE without looking back. GIVE without regret. If you were unsure in the first place but decided to give anyway, then give and then leave the premise (to avoid discovering that it was a disappointment). 

Of course, having said this, if you aren’t able to give… haha then don’t, and don’t worry about people judging you when you turn down someone that’s asking you for donations . I know it feels awkward right? Man, have I been there, that awkward kinda feeling. Saying “No” or “No thank you it’s ok” to a stranger in need. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one facing this problem. 

Back to the whole point of what I initially brought up. Feed. 

Feeding someone is a form of charity that is immense and bountiful. The ripple effects of that one deed can spread and grow. 

Just like any act of love , kindness is an energy. And it’s an awesome and beautiful energy indeed. It’s so uplifting and satisfying that it gives you an instant gratification. 

If you’re afraid that your donated money will lead to the person buying booze and drugs then what you can easily do is provide for them. 

Provide them with food. Provide them with clothes. With a blanket you bought at the corner shop. Buy them a bottle of water. Buy bananas and apples or a meal. Heck, if you could buy them a one night stay at the homeless shelter or dormitory then do so. If you could buy them food coupons and give them a shave or a bath some how, do it. If you could, if it’s within your means, and time permits, commitments are in place and schedules don’t clash, you feel safe, you feel okay, you feel sincere with no regrets, then by all means Do It. 

Feed. Provide. Only for one person. Not even every day . Not even every week. Just One Deed, at Any Time, Any Place, Any Country, Any Race, Any State, if you could, Do it.  

If everyone did one deed for one homeless person or any person in need a year, if you just did this deed ONCE a year and  everyone played their part to feed just One, that would cover a lot of people. A lot of the human population that’s in poverty will be fed. 

I don’t think anyone, be it human or animal should live in a malnourished state and die hungry. Even if you could spare a glass of water, spare it. 

Feed someone. 

Because you’ll be feeding your Soul. 

And that’s a beautiful life indeed to have a Soul that’s always filled and nourished. 


5 Ways To Make Time For Yourself in a Jiffy

More often than not, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of living out our daily routines that we forget to take a breather along the way. 

With work, kids and school, our lives seem to not have a pause button, but we know that if we don’t take that time to appreciate our being , we might just lose ourselves in the traffic of the modernized World in all its digital glory. 

The pace is fast, it’s ongoing and ever changing and we in turn evolve too in the process. We adapt to new systems , we absorb new information and we respond and comply almost instantaneously. 

What does 20 minutes of ME TIME mean to you ? For the busy scheduler, here’s crunch time for Making Time. Here are 5 ways to take a breather in between that busy schedule of yours and just “Time Out” yourself from the noise. 

1) Enjoying a hot drink by yourself

Such a simple act but done in a savoring moment will ease that mind. Breathe in and out and slowly sip on that hot chocolate, earl grey tea or even Pu-erh if that suits your fancy. Don’t forget to breathe in and out whilst savoring and just enjoying that cuppa. 

I don’t know about the exact health benefits of it but according to Kris Gunnars of Authority Nutrition — drinking hot green tea for example, helps to fight free radicals as it has powerful anti oxidants like flavonoids and catechins. The most powerful anti oxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) was studied to treat various diseases , so you can say that green tea is one hot drink that could benefit you in the long run. Make sure to drink only the good high quality stuff because the lower brands might have excessive levels of fluoride. 

Besides green tea, nourishing yourself with warm hot lemon water daily is a must. Your body will thank you for it, trust me. 

Top 10 evidence based health benefits of green tea 

2) Meditation or Prayer 

That moment with the Al-Mighty Creator is crucial on the daily , speak your concerns and burdens and pray in gratitude for the simple things that you have, like that new pair of shoes on your feet, for being able to wake up in the morning and just for being alive, even for that sandwich in your hand to fill your tummy at lunch time. He listens all the time and the best thing is, you can talk all day and all night about You and no one will say “Oh my God, she keeps talking about herself , how boring …” because He won’t judge and He has all the time in the World to hear your queries. 

How about Meditation ? Good meditation music usually’s instrumental. One I could recommend is Relax for 15 Mins by YellowBrickCinema’s YouTube channel. They make Zen and Sleep music, Meditation and Yoga music and have influences of classical, Tibetan, Japanese and Indian music. Be careful though, because some music is shamanic (for those who are religious) maybe you’d like to filter through the feed but if soulful vibes are for you then by all means. 

If you’re more electronic in your vibe then ODESZA won’t let you down , Bloom is my personal favorite but there’s so many more on the channel to listen to. So please do. 

Remember to focus on your breathing when you listen or when in prayer. 

Following the rhythm of your breathing, will calm you down and freezes time if just for a moment. 

3) Melt in the Art Of Life

Though you may not be an arts aficionado, spending some alone time with artwork or “beautiful things” might give you a boost on understanding what visuals make you happy. It’s as simple as sitting down in the park near your workplace or a nice cosy corner of some office space in the building. Enjoy the simplicity of Life. Absorb and be aware of the things around you, like design and architecture, poetry on a wall or even decor. 

Allow yourself to be in touch with the inner you. Touch and feel water, see how it flows ? Scoop up the sand at the beach , feel how it glides, how the grains escape in between your fingers. Look at greenery. It soothes your eyes and adjusts your mood. Have a moment to run down to your favorite spot in the city? If minimalism is up your alley then the new Muji Store (Singapore) at Raffles might just be the place to cool off from the workload. Some sushi salad during break time won’t do you any harm. 

4) Watch a Motivational Video

The current favorite that wakes me up on a sluggish morning is Jada Pinkett Smith’s You Talk , boy when you watch this, it’s like someone just gave you a smack in your head made you realize how important YOU really are in order for everything around you to flourish and be nurtured. Nourishing yourself with good knowledge and productive thought-channeling, benefits not only you first but ultimately everything else around you. It’s a win win. 

Another short clip I’m still so in love with is Matthew McConaughey’s Oscars Acceptance Speech back in 2014 when he won Best Actor for his performance in the “Dallas Buyers Club” . This my friends will blow your mind away. He speaks of the 3 things that he takes into account each and every day. If we were that consistent in our intentions , we’d get more things done in a day and accomplish more in our lifetime. Penny for your thoughts, aye. 

Another actor I have to present, is Jim Carrey. Most of us might see him as the funny and mindless joker in his movies (but please watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) it’ll change your view on what roles you think he can only play. His speech  The Meaning (Life and Purpose) on the Absolute Motivation YouTube Channel sits you down and makes you LISTEN. Pointers about living an intentional Life, might pave a clearer life path for you. Who knows where knowledge, certainty and clarity might bring us. 


This I must say is everyone’s favorite. Wherever you may be, if any time it’s possible to take a quick but deep power nap when you’re absolutely exhausted, please do. Inform a friend, colleague or even if your boss (if he or she is the Guru on productivity) that you’ll be taking 20 to literally “wake up your idea” . Even if it’s 10mins of uninterrupted nap time by using the Ostrich Pillow , that power quicker-upper will make you move mountains when you wake up. Stretch, stretch and really extend and elongate that body for a full-on satisfying stretch. 

Drink a nice green smoothie from your nearest juice bar or cafe (get it before your nap) after you wake up so you can revitalize and get back on track. Your colleagues might just thank you for perking up the momentum around the office, since you’d be more productive and relaxed after the boost. I know for some of you 20 minutes might seem too short cos your best friend is your bed but if you take any longer than 30mins of power napping than you’ll most probably fall into deeper sleep state and end up feeling more sluggish than before. 

Set yourself a timer on your phone or use Tide , an app I use to time myself when I need to focus on work (like writing this article) . It has soothing ambience music you can choose from from about 4-5 different moods. 

It works for me but find out what works for you. 
So there you have it. 5 quick ways to make time for yourself on a tight schedule. Read more on health benefits of enough sleep, mediating, juicing and hot herbal teas. Professional information and advice will give you a clearer understanding on what daily practices are good. 

Remember, be kind, do good whenever possible and love with all your Heart. When you are sincere, life will be much clearer.