How to recuperate after work or school? 

So I’ve not been writing so brilliantly lately cos I have been so busy with reorganizing my Life. A lot of articles are still pending and not properly drafted yet.

But just to keep it still running, I’ve decided  to write this one after being inspired by a friend Ujala Shujat’s recent question in our Lavendaire Community.

Here’s some tips on how you could relax and recuperate after a hard day’s work or after a long mentally exhausting day learning and studying.

If you’ve been learning and studying your mind off , you’d most probably get burnt out pretty fast by the end of the week.

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image via: Mariana’s Study Corner

1) To not be too burnt out studying, Mariana’s Study Corner on YouTube has very good study routines and prepping for note taking etc. She makes it fuss free and her journals are beautiful. This is good for any student I believe.

2) Download this app called Relaxed Melodies. It has relaxing sounds for sleep or for busy people who just need some white noise in the background.

Tide another app is good for time keeping with sounds of a bustling cafe atmosphere and other nature sounds too. You could power nap for 20mins and the sound will end and set off a small alarm to tell you your time for the task, is up.


image via: Millie Freckles
3) Millie Freckles is another YouTuber who makes me feel so relaxed as her videos are done simply and there’s a calm tone in her voice that’s always good to hear after listening to harsh sounds or voices. This link is on one of her tips about traveling in Kyoto. She’s Japanese and oh such a sweet gal, freckles and all. It’s uniquely Millie. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her !

image via: Channel News Asia

4) Types of videos that keep me relaxed is watching the Muji Channel. They showcase their products in short demo clips. It’s usually 3-6 mins in length, no commentary, just soothing background music, very light and airy feels. It portrays a Japanese style of Muji living …it’s soooO relaxing.

Ok ok, maybe I just love the simplicity of the Japanese way of living. Have you seen the Last Samurai ? Haha I wish I could live in that village. It’ll be my little piece of Heaven on Earth.


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5) Stimulate your senses with beautiful visuals of a fashion show or looking at magazines, movies you love to watch, even get your stomach muscles straining by sitting through comedy episodes. My favorite is definitely F.r.i.e.n.d.s!!! But of course second to that would be Big Bang and Will & Grace.

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6) Listen to an ASMR playlist of your liking.

What is ASMR you may ask ? It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meredian Response, or ASMR for short. It acts as an auditory stimuli that make your skin tingle. Check it out and you’ll know what I mean.

There are a variety of ASMRs to choose from and some might even be too awkward for my personal taste, they do compare it to auditory-tactile synesthesia, whatever that means..ahaha.

One that you might find less awkward with is titled Oddly IKEA an IKEA USA initiative, find this on Youtube, where else.

7) Maybe music will help. The relaxing kind like  Lonely nights Chillstep. It’s an hour of smooth chill ambience sounds on the Pulse 8 YouTube channel. Check out their other chill music playlists, I guarantee won’t disappoint you.

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Well, I hope you find these tips helpful to getting your mind relaxed and calm. I face a lot of pressure too with the things that are going on in my Life. This is what everybody faces. It’s good to know how to just step back and take a breather so that your Mind won’t be too overwhelmed at the end of the day.

Live a Life You Love People!


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