How to get rid of a “Dark Life” ?

First and foremost , I’d like to say that I am a great believer of the effects of attitude and faith, which contributes greatly to the building of the fabric of your character . 

What we value and focus on is vital to our psychological and moral make-up and is the key to how we receive and perceive everything around us. 

Now, it’s easier said than done to uphold this “Be kind to your enemies ” point of view because we naturally see their flaws and abuse. This is only due to it being magnified either by our enemy’s pride and misconduct or we were enslaved by our own egos and oppression and couldn’t look beyond the disagreement. 
” Life is not about the destination but the journey” as cliche as it sounds but like it or not, it IS true. So throw away that skeptic mind of a grouch. That attitude will not get you to any happy and fulfilling state anytime soon or maybe even ever.

These are some traits of a “hater” kind of attitude that builds up to a “dark” life.

1) If you are constantly finding faults in everyone in your life (work or personal)

2) If you like to believe that nothing good is possibly attainable 

3) If you are lazy to make an effort on anything you pursue or are involved in and expect easy ways up and out. 

4) If you constantly spend your time plotting against people who you have issues with or are unhappy about ( talking about it is understandable but if that’s the only highlight of your life then it’s psychological and you should get yourself checked ) 

5) If you make more effort in evil deeds than good. (For eg. revenge and hate instead of kindness and love )
It may seem so simple yet so many people fall trap into the Darkness. 

Now let’s see what kinds of traits are better set of tools for us to use to build a “Life of Light” . These are the opposites of the dark points above.

1) Acceptance of disagreements. 

Form an “Agree to disagree” mindset and be cool with it (be adult)

– When you come to understand that you aren’t the King or Queen of everyone and that they have a right to their own opinions and beliefs , you will develop a greater understanding on how to accept situations that aren’t flowing your way or on how to counter act other people’s negativities upon you . Going through the trouble to create enemies consciously is an investment that will only reap a loss instead of profit . If you don’t like what you see or hear , move away from it, leave it or handle it.

2) Adopt an “I can if I want to” attitude and apply it.

– Overcome the stupidity of “It’s too good too be true therefore it’s a lie ” or ” That dream only happens to other people not me.” —- getting rid of this school of thought will release you of many burdens of underachieving and only then will you attain a freedom to have a sense of living. 
You can if you really wanted to and if the situation doesn’t give you an opportunity, you have to counter a Plan B to transform that goal into something that is possible and comfortable for your reach. 

I believe that even if you aren’t able to do something you’ve always wanted to for eg. modeling , then you should use the “subject matter” to build another solution to channel that love into something closely related to it, I mean who can fault or fire you if you are the owner of your own modeling agency , right ? 😏

3) Effort is attractive.

-This applies to relationships and work. If you sincerely made the effort , the doors of love , opportunity and chance will open in all directions. If you think sitting down doing absolutely nothing will help you anywhere , let me tell you now that it will only get you as far as your front porch and that is all. 

Even with an ambitious attitude , a well thought out or talked about plan will only be a party in your head and that’s all it will be if you don’t surface that picture into reality . It has to be tangible to be real. 

– Don’t be a lazy fart, do things whole heartedly if possible and make the effort where it’s needed, that’s my point. 

4) Find a better purpose for your skills and talents instead of scheming. 
Now as much as people mature differently from others according to their own experiences, some people will never mature at all even though they’ve been through a lot of hell . 

Maturity and wisdom truly depends on the core of your heart. If your heart has goodness then you tend to be more forgiving and accepting and you are able to see beyond differences and are able to make more compassionate, civil and logical decisions compared to vengefully cloaked ones. 

If your heart has a bad reminisce then all you would think of would be how to get back at someone via whatever method possible and what could you do to make another person’s life a living hell. 

If that’s the only thing on your mind then it’s sad for me to announce that you have to drag that low-life being out of you because its poisoning you by the minute and your good energies are dying as we speak . 

This is dangerous and may cause you to be a permanent evil in your values.

5) Now this tops it all. It’s accepting and acknowledging God’s path for you (tawaqal)

You can’t try to sell this idea to an Atheist but frankly speaking, for the biggest part of my life’s journey , having a great amount of faith in the Al-Mighty Creator plays an integral role in everything I do. Obviously your own blood , sweat and tears (effort) is needed for this to work , this ain’t The City Of Oz and happiness can’t be bought off with a genie in a bottle or the thought that good things will happen to good people . Haha..
I’m not talking about being religious at all. 

I’m no angel and there’s so much I lack of in that aspect but faith in Him has never died. 

From the moment of my first challenge as a child till my adult age. I’ve faced issues and situations with logic, fairness and a small amount of compassion. 

What you project is absorbed by everyone around you . I play by this simple rule , your projections are reflections of your intentions , your intentions are reflections of your core . Now what does this mean. 

It’s simple . You love someone , you show it AND say it. You want to pursue in something you love , you learn about it AND get involve in it, you want to be fair and just, you show it in how you handle your issues AND how you apply respect and integrity . 
It must be coupled. 

You can’t say you love someone and not show it , just like showing you love somebody but never saying the words. It zeros out each other. Get it? 

Through this , your intentions manifest into something you can see , touch and feel. When your intentions are sincere and righteous , your core is what you project . And what is that ? It’s Kindness, Sincerity , Respect, Integrity and Love. 

The 5 giant key ingredients in the contribution to a Life of Light. 
So get rid of the darkness. It only belongs to “dark beings” and humans , we shouldn’t belong there. We are the descendants of Adam (pbuh) and we were made with akal (a mind) and free-will . 

We shouldn’t abuse this privilege by contributing negatively to our own existence. 

I leave you with this . 

Personality and Character are two separate things. 

One is to show the World who you can be for a little while (personality) and the other is to show who you truly are with no conditions (character ).

Character is determined on how you cope and handle challenges externally . Faith is how you cope and handle issues internally. 

Get rid of the Dark Life….and come and touch the Light. 

Peace Be Upon You


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