How to beat writer’s block for song writing

So I’ve been writing songs/lyrics since I was 11. And I remember playing this game when I was 17. I was hanging out with someone who lived at Tanglin Halt. And we used to take these long train rides from Bedok to Commonwealth on every other day that we used to meet. So to burn out our boredom, I invented this game called ” 3 Words”.

This is how you play it.

writers_blockimage by Gary Ewer

“3 words”
1) You could reel in as many players as you want. You could go round robin if you’re in a band, it’s good bonding and practice.
2) Each player takes turn to challenge the other on creative writing.
3) First, you have to ask your challenger to choose a category. Commercial, Story or Song.
4) And once the category is chosen, you have to come up with 3 words to give to your Challenger.
5) With these 3 words, your Challenger has to come up with a short commercial, a story or song that uses these 3 words.

6) The trick is to use the most outrageous and unconnected words so that it’s difficult for your Challenger to come up with material that flows.

7) The one with the best creative brainstorming wins the round. No points given, just creative credit.


You’d be laughing your head off when you hear what your friends come up with.

You should watch this entertaining clip I found today on Coldplay , playing something similar on a BBC radio show. Chris Martin is so bloody talented.

Well, there are many other ways to get inspired and motivated when it comes to song writing. Like falling in lovebreaking-up, starting a revolution and taking in as much culture and Life experiences as you can. That’ll start those creative juices amalgamating again, I can assure you. But I guess I’m going for the more direct, less time consuming and less tedious way of jump-starting the engine.

“Always find simple creativity in the stillness of monotony and you won’t go a day without laughing. ” -LM

Have an awesome start of the week!

Love and Live well.

Stay cool.


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