5 Ways To Make Time For Yourself in a Jiffy

More often than not, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of living out our daily routines that we forget to take a breather along the way. 

With work, kids and school, our lives seem to not have a pause button, but we know that if we don’t take that time to appreciate our being , we might just lose ourselves in the traffic of the modernized World in all its digital glory. 

The pace is fast, it’s ongoing and ever changing and we in turn evolve too in the process. We adapt to new systems , we absorb new information and we respond and comply almost instantaneously. 

What does 20 minutes of ME TIME mean to you ? For the busy scheduler, here’s crunch time for Making Time. Here are 5 ways to take a breather in between that busy schedule of yours and just “Time Out” yourself from the noise. 

1) Enjoying a hot drink by yourself

Such a simple act but done in a savoring moment will ease that mind. Breathe in and out and slowly sip on that hot chocolate, earl grey tea or even Pu-erh if that suits your fancy. Don’t forget to breathe in and out whilst savoring and just enjoying that cuppa. 

I don’t know about the exact health benefits of it but according to Kris Gunnars of Authority Nutrition — drinking hot green tea for example, helps to fight free radicals as it has powerful anti oxidants like flavonoids and catechins. The most powerful anti oxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) was studied to treat various diseases , so you can say that green tea is one hot drink that could benefit you in the long run. Make sure to drink only the good high quality stuff because the lower brands might have excessive levels of fluoride. 

Besides green tea, nourishing yourself with warm hot lemon water daily is a must. Your body will thank you for it, trust me. 

Top 10 evidence based health benefits of green tea 

2) Meditation or Prayer 

That moment with the Al-Mighty Creator is crucial on the daily , speak your concerns and burdens and pray in gratitude for the simple things that you have, like that new pair of shoes on your feet, for being able to wake up in the morning and just for being alive, even for that sandwich in your hand to fill your tummy at lunch time. He listens all the time and the best thing is, you can talk all day and all night about You and no one will say “Oh my God, she keeps talking about herself , how boring …” because He won’t judge and He has all the time in the World to hear your queries. 

How about Meditation ? Good meditation music usually’s instrumental. One I could recommend is Relax for 15 Mins by YellowBrickCinema’s YouTube channel. They make Zen and Sleep music, Meditation and Yoga music and have influences of classical, Tibetan, Japanese and Indian music. Be careful though, because some music is shamanic (for those who are religious) maybe you’d like to filter through the feed but if soulful vibes are for you then by all means. 

If you’re more electronic in your vibe then ODESZA won’t let you down , Bloom is my personal favorite but there’s so many more on the channel to listen to. So please do. 

Remember to focus on your breathing when you listen or when in prayer. 

Following the rhythm of your breathing, will calm you down and freezes time if just for a moment. 

3) Melt in the Art Of Life

Though you may not be an arts aficionado, spending some alone time with artwork or “beautiful things” might give you a boost on understanding what visuals make you happy. It’s as simple as sitting down in the park near your workplace or a nice cosy corner of some office space in the building. Enjoy the simplicity of Life. Absorb and be aware of the things around you, like design and architecture, poetry on a wall or even decor. 

Allow yourself to be in touch with the inner you. Touch and feel water, see how it flows ? Scoop up the sand at the beach , feel how it glides, how the grains escape in between your fingers. Look at greenery. It soothes your eyes and adjusts your mood. Have a moment to run down to your favorite spot in the city? If minimalism is up your alley then the new Muji Store (Singapore) at Raffles might just be the place to cool off from the workload. Some sushi salad during break time won’t do you any harm. 

4) Watch a Motivational Video

The current favorite that wakes me up on a sluggish morning is Jada Pinkett Smith’s You Talk , boy when you watch this, it’s like someone just gave you a smack in your head made you realize how important YOU really are in order for everything around you to flourish and be nurtured. Nourishing yourself with good knowledge and productive thought-channeling, benefits not only you first but ultimately everything else around you. It’s a win win. 

Another short clip I’m still so in love with is Matthew McConaughey’s Oscars Acceptance Speech back in 2014 when he won Best Actor for his performance in the “Dallas Buyers Club” . This my friends will blow your mind away. He speaks of the 3 things that he takes into account each and every day. If we were that consistent in our intentions , we’d get more things done in a day and accomplish more in our lifetime. Penny for your thoughts, aye. 

Another actor I have to present, is Jim Carrey. Most of us might see him as the funny and mindless joker in his movies (but please watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) it’ll change your view on what roles you think he can only play. His speech  The Meaning (Life and Purpose) on the Absolute Motivation YouTube Channel sits you down and makes you LISTEN. Pointers about living an intentional Life, might pave a clearer life path for you. Who knows where knowledge, certainty and clarity might bring us. 


This I must say is everyone’s favorite. Wherever you may be, if any time it’s possible to take a quick but deep power nap when you’re absolutely exhausted, please do. Inform a friend, colleague or even if your boss (if he or she is the Guru on productivity) that you’ll be taking 20 to literally “wake up your idea” . Even if it’s 10mins of uninterrupted nap time by using the Ostrich Pillow , that power quicker-upper will make you move mountains when you wake up. Stretch, stretch and really extend and elongate that body for a full-on satisfying stretch. 

Drink a nice green smoothie from your nearest juice bar or cafe (get it before your nap) after you wake up so you can revitalize and get back on track. Your colleagues might just thank you for perking up the momentum around the office, since you’d be more productive and relaxed after the boost. I know for some of you 20 minutes might seem too short cos your best friend is your bed but if you take any longer than 30mins of power napping than you’ll most probably fall into deeper sleep state and end up feeling more sluggish than before. 

Set yourself a timer on your phone or use Tide , an app I use to time myself when I need to focus on work (like writing this article) . It has soothing ambience music you can choose from from about 4-5 different moods. 

It works for me but find out what works for you. 
So there you have it. 5 quick ways to make time for yourself on a tight schedule. Read more on health benefits of enough sleep, mediating, juicing and hot herbal teas. Professional information and advice will give you a clearer understanding on what daily practices are good. 

Remember, be kind, do good whenever possible and love with all your Heart. When you are sincere, life will be much clearer. 


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