5 Ways On Following Your B.L.I.S.S

With what I had to go through in the last few years, the lessons that Life had served to me on a majestic platter of issues only made me more clearer on what had to be done to survive any ordeal, more gently and more up-spiritly .To start off, the acronym itself is the key to your small but achievable success. B.L.I.S.S your way to a more relaxed lifestyle. Here’s what I personally did.

1.The B stands for : Be Busy About Bettering Yourself

We are so engrossed about what Kim Kardashian did on a weekend in Miami and how Beyonce managed to maintain her Queen B status that we forgot to be engrossed about Ourselves. Now,I’m not trying to sound all egocentric here but You really matter and I believe that you are your best investment bar none. So now you’re looking at yourself and thinking, “Hmm..what do I do now and where do I go from here?”

  1. Learn, Learn, Learn and Learn. Educating yourself in whatever way is going to help you eventually. Obtaining good and useful knowledge will push you ahead at any time, so just go out there, read, go for courses, talk to people , socialise with the right minds. Your momma and poppa already gave you the basics in your education, now you’re all grown up. Now pick up that lazy ass and  go survive the cajones off of the World. Knowledge is everywhere, its whether you want to invest in yourself or not. It’s really up to you.
  2. Participate. No matter what “people” tell you about a certain something that “they” feel that “you” can’t obtain or achieve, just go out and do it anyway. If I were to listen to a certain “someone” back in the day about “education is  waste of your money, why do you even take this course if you’re going to be useless at it”, I would not know the things I know today. I wouldn’t be able to gauge where I stand in writing content about Life. I only managed to know about it, through taking my Diploma In Mass Comm with MDIS, though “they” say it’s a “tak pakai” (not even legit enough to prove as a good certification ) kinda of cert. It was through my article “Chasing the Kai” (that I got an A for, hehehe ), a write up about communities of surfers in Singapore, Japan and America, that I managed to be in contact with the most talented, most awe-inspiring locals. Which led me to get to know other awesome inspirational folks in the process who helped me in socially charitable activities, health and finance, even love. See, never listen to the nay sayers cos in the end, the path of our Life was never destined by them nor will they be there to back you up when all else fails. The haters job is only to provide you with wrong information, discouragement and self-doubt in your capabilities.
  3. Do not engage with people who have no reason to be in your Life. You see, the people you hang around with, play an integral role on your personal development. Peer pressure might lead you to the retardation of your own growth and if all they do is sit around and do absolutely nothing productive then maybe you should rethink your circle of friends. If the people you hang out with, do not either provide you with love, laughs, good advice, a basketful of experience to share, knowledge at their finger tips or the comforts of having loyal friends, then maybe they should no longer exist in your busy life. When you know the reason why you value them, whether its for their intellect, their unconditional love, their awesome personality or interesting lifestyle, your time with them is more treasured, valued and productive. 

2.The L stands for: Let the Inevitable Happen

Accepting the inevitable is a hard pill to swallow but you know what they say, “if it tastes bad, it probably is good medicine for ya.” You knew it was coming. D-day, Armagaedon of Life, Pandora’s box is opening up and Murphy has taken a front seat view on what can happen will indeed happen. You saw the signs and symptoms, you got a clue about it, you were hinted and nudged, you were informed before hand, you knew what the risks were. Now, take it like a man. Look, it’s really okay to be wrong, to be flawed, to be left by someone, to be let down, to be abandoned, to be blinded. You need to understand that mistakes has to happen and “bad” things have to happen to “good” people. It just has to. It’s like a balance of Life. You may not see how this would help you now, but believe me, the returns are abundant.

What God not let you have, is probably the greatest thing that has befallen you. Its hard to live in the same house as Acceptance, but if you have to live together, might as well do the best you can to be the best of room mates because the rental  is high and Acceptance can make that monthly emotional-riot more bearable and blissful. Go slow, deep breaths, meditate, focus, pray and have Faith that all is meant to happen for a greater Universal cause.

3.The I stands for: Inspire

Tough isn’t it, finding inspiration. It’s like that creative spark just died along with the hope of rekindling that spirit of yours that was shrunk to a peanut size. Fret not, there’s a solution to this.

  1. Write on a piece of paper, the word that comes to you as the most important source of encouragement for why you do the things that you do. For e.g. Family (maybe you’re working your ass off for your family’s needs), Love (maybe your drive comes from a broken heart, death in love or a current loved one), Happiness (maybe you’ve been miserable all your Life and can’t wait to change that script) Health (maybe you’ve developed a certain illness or just trying to prevent being sick all the time). Whatever the reason is for why you do what you do, no matter how painful it sounds like, write it down in bold and put it where you can see it to be reminded of it. In your daily planner, your journal , your bedroom wall, your mirror, anywhere.
  2. Make your mind work on stuff you need to know. An idle mind will eventually be a lazy mind. I, myself, hate math for example and so doing math is something I would rather not do and avoid all my life. But the thing is, you can’t escape it. Math is everywhere you go and in whatever that you do that involves Math. I avoided having to know about “things” for the longest period of time but experience taught me that if I count on others to do the thinking for me most of the time, I’d be as gullible as Forest Gump minus the good run of luck he faced. Especially about your finances, be it if you’re a lady or a man, know what happens to your money, cos your partner only cares to spend it (if you got those types of partners then you’re screwed). Take it from me, I’ve been snooked of my money and didn’t even realise it till it’s gone.
  3. Take time off to clear mental traffic. Your brain works all the time, even when you sleep. You’re thinking of worries, of the next day, of consequences, of errands and of what to do next. Stop the noise and distract yourself with exercise, eating right and sleeping well. Take about ten minutes each day, to plan out the timeline for tomorrow’s schedule. If you see how productive you are, your mind and body feels at ease that things are organised and that you’ve segregated time slots for each task to get done. This lowers your stress levels and allows your creative juices to run again.

4.The S stands for: Stretch and Breathe Easy

It’s easier said than done. We tend to forget setting aside just 5 minutes of stretching bliss after waking up in the morning. This makes for getting out of bed more easily and not such a chore. It’s telling your body, “Hello there, it’s time to wake up and get some water!” Your body will be more receptive towards those kinds of motivation.

Breathing easy usually involves meditation or prayers. Focus on your breathing and only that. Concentrate on the sound of your deep breaths, the music you’re listening to and the pace of it. If in prayers, focus and pay your full attention to God and the conversation you’re having with the Al-Mighty. Taking these “silent” moments of concentration can bring the hustle down to a calm.

5.The other S stands for: Simplify your Thoughts

This is by far my toughest challenge yet. I have a complicated mind, so to think simply is like going against my nature. But I still do manage to achieve this after all. I’ve been practicing this habit of simplifying the things that I think I know. It’s quite difficult not to voice out when you itch so much to say out what’s right.

So I sometimes stay out of battles, not participate with negative banter and explain in the most clear layman of ways, in hopes people might not mistake me for being condescending. Choosing your battles will help you. Speaking the minimum might soothe hearts, you never know.

The tip is, still be yourself, minus the riot or so I try, Haha.

So there you are folks, not everything that works for me will work for you. You have to do it in trial and error and see how it goes. Write a progress log in a journal. New habits, new dreams , new aspirations. You’ll definitely be on your way to seeing your bliss and loving it. Tell me in the comments below about how you stay in check and be at peace with everything. I’d love to hear it.

Happy Monday everyone !

Live well. Breathe better.


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