5 Simple Ways to Be Ahead In Life

We all want to know the secret to a better Life. Here are my own personal life hacks ! Let’s get down to it.

1. Recognise and Understand your Identity

Quite simply put, you’ve got to know who you are and what role you play in society. A lot of people still don’t know what they want to be when they grow up (even at 40) . To answer this, you’ve got to know who you are, your very purpose of being alive and applying what you know, your talents and your skills into something that you truly love and are passionate about. What would you, as an individual, like to contribute to the World?

2. Invest In Yourself

If you have the time and the means, why not go further than what you already know. Why not learn about several industries? Reading books and articles of educational content can and will help you in many areas of your life.

Don’t spend too much time watching YouTube videos that don’t contribute to your mental growth. Once in awhile it’s ok but not 90% of your time. Your time is precious.

Enhance your super human power and nourish your brain. This way, you’ll learn about things that your spouse or circle of friends might not know about. You could be a contributor, a mentor or a good friend. Isn’t it phenomenal to be an asset.

Stun everyone by being a sponge for information and you might just be the spine or core foundation of the development of a group of people or communities. Your boss won’t be able to help it but give you a raise, given your smarts. And don’t be surprised that you’ll be head hunted by major companies who love a person of knowledge and experience.

3. Mix with the right Crowd

If you are picky when buying clothes or finding a life partner, then by all means do the same with friends. You got to know this from the start. The things you talk or think about reflects much on who you’ve been hanging out with and the things you surround yourself with.

You need a crowd that enhances and builds your character. People who know your flaws and love you anyway. People who will tell you about your faults and who care to mould and develop you. People who correct you in a loving and appropriate manner are the ones that value you as a person and they are the ones who would love to see you succeed in Life.

With this, if you are too sensitive and egotistical to accept correction and take it with a pinch of salt then I’m afraid, it’s a road to your spiritual Doom.

You aren’t able to grow as a human if you don’t want to learn from your mistakes and weaknesses.

You also need friends who aren’t just critical of your well being but who, at the same time are your ever dying cheerleaders and supporters.

If you have friends (whether in the same cliques or not/even individuals) from all walks of life, backgrounds and race, you’d learn the different types of Worlds people actually live in.

You’ll get the first hand download of different perspectives and viewpoints. If you find a group of friends that love to succeed together as a group with no envy or competition , then that’s your A-team right there. Grow and succeed together, like they say

“Birds of a feather flock together.” Or what I’d like to say to my own friends “ We wolves run in packs.”

4. Be your Own Competition

I’ve encountered a few trolls in my Life. And guess what they spend the most time on?

Trolling…. me.

They’ve trolled my websites, social media platforms and even trolled my friends and loved one. They spend all that time, searching and wanting to know my every movement, whether I’m succeeding in all aspects of Life, whether I’ve become ill or poor, or have I rotted away into the dim lights of a writer’s demise. And the funny thing is, this person is trying to compare our successes to show the people who she wants to win votes from, how successful she is and how I’m not.


Classic example of “Don’t know how to value one’s time”. If you have to compete and compare, do it to your own Self.

Be better than who you were last month, last week or even the day before. Self reflection is gifted to the Seekers (those who seek purpose and Light).

Be your own Competitor and challenge yourself to score better at whatever you could be better at. You have to follow your own pace and use your own gauge. If you’ve got someone to chase, chase the You that’s 10 years from now. Chase the wiser and more equipped you. I learned that from Matthew McConaughey . You’ve got to watch this clip of his acceptance speech, major Jedi of Light moment.

5. Have a Grateful Mindset about Life

I quote an example that I’ve personally experienced.

I used to be with someone who was the poison that was created from the lava of deceit and evil, then it settled as molten rock in the core of his character (insert dramatic interlude) .

Whenever you mentioned his name, no one had anything good to say about him. He became like the Voldemort of Mankind, affecting the peace of humanity and all God’s creations. ( I assure you this dramatic intro is only touching the surface of the real drama that actually happened – rolls eyes)

When I was with this person, there was never a day that he was grateful about his Life.

He was never happy with whoever and wherever he worked at. He always had something bad to say about everything. He spoke ill of his friends, his colleagues, his bosses and even his internal and external family members.

Imagine me having to share my life with such a dark heart.

It was mentally and spiritually exhausting and he didn’t really care about how he made me feel or how he projected himself.

He was all about himself. Me!me! Me! That was his motto. If some how or rather the thing he’s pursuing didn’t benefit him ultimately, he’ll ignore it like the tissue stuck on the back of your boot.

He spits at the very mention of your name (insert another dramatic interlude).

If he was amongst people who cared for his development in character, like what his former Best Friend tried to do for him, he would turn them away and then spoke ill of them for trying to correct his flaws.

To him, he had no flaws that needed another person to influence him to change. Well, we all don’t know the type of person he has become now. Let’s just pray that that’s in the past.

The point I’m trying to make is, if you aren’t grateful about your Life, then you will never attain 3 things.

A) True Happiness

B) Spiritual Maturity and

C) An Honest Peace of Mind

So let’s recap.

1. Recognise and Understand your Identity

2. Invest in Yourself

3. Mix with the Right Crowd

4. Be your Own Competition

5. Have a Grateful Mindset about Life

I hope these tips opened your eyes to everything around you. Do some Lifestyle and Habit Housekeeping. Keep yourself in check. And you’ll definitely be “Living a Life You Love” in no time.

Happy Weekend Everyone !!!

⁃ LM

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