Gyuniku and that Ramen Stall

It has been a Japanese food binging week for me and some of my friends. From one plate of sushi to a sashimi platter to a bowl of ramen, my taste buds have been conquering Japanese cuisine and it’s going for more.

I must say though that there’s not much choice for halal Japanese food here in Singapore. But! But but…. I am glad to say that of all the places (which is not many hahaha) that I’ve tried, the winner is The Ramen Stall at 787 North Bridge Road.

I love this grilled beef on rice dish. Loving my gyuniku ! It’s $7.90 per plate of three pieces but man, it’s fresh and sweet. I guess you’ve got to suck it up when it comes to paying for this. I usually just order 1 plate and it’ll satisfy me for days. Maybe worth a try for beef lovers. Oh and the sushi platter was so fresh. It just melted in my mouth.

The staff were proactive on the inside of the restaurant but you’ll feel a little neglected if you sit at the al fresco area. I think it’s because we were under the watchful eye of a supervisor that made sure that everyone got their food and drinks. Drinks were topped up actively (it’s one time payment for free-flow) without customers having to call them to ask but when we switched dining areas, you tend to see the shift in attentiveness.

Just like overseas Japanese restaurants that I’ve been in, the green tea is a staple for your meal (for those who drink like the Japanese, they take their can of alcohol). So the tea is topped up without a charge, which is the way to go, so if you have to keep paying for your hot green tea, then maybe it’s a No. It should be a standard actually. No questions asked.

If you love edamame, then one plate is more than enough for three people. It got us so full, I couldn’t move for a while.

One of the highlights of the evening was the soft serve yoghurt dessert. No chocolate fudge as shown in the commercial haha but still good to have after dinner.

​Music Artist: Jagwar Ma Title: Throw

We needed to wind down after a hearty meal, so we chatted for hours till it’s time for us to call it quits. Though the restaurant opens late at 5pm, it typically closes at 6am. So all you night crawlers can come down to have a sushi supper or early ramen breakfast.
Now isn’t that just convenient for everybody.

Love and Live well.


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